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CNA License Transfer

Nurse aides who are working in any state of the United States, but are planning to move to another state, can get their CNA certificate transferred. The process of transferring the nursing assistant license from one US state to another, in order to continue practicing, is called reciprocity. Read the article to know the entire procedure of reciprocity.

Why is CNA Transfer Important?

You must get your name listed on the State Board Registry in order to be able to work as a nurse aide in that particular state. Nursing assistants must hold a CNA certification from their state for getting employed in the long-term care facilities or nursing homes. If you don’t transfer your license to the new state where you want to shift you won’t be able to work, until and unless you retake the program and clear the competency exam in that new state.

What exactly is Reciprocity?

CNA professionals can transfer their CNA license from one state to another, this process is called reciprocity. By this process, your credentials get approved and your name gets listed on the Nurse Aide registry of the new state. All the states in the United States do not have reciprocity agreements / requirements; therefore, one has to collect information about this. The states which participate in the NLC (Nursing License Compact) and having reciprocity agreements are – Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. You will not have to retake the certification exam if the state in which you are currently working has a reciprocity agreement with the state where you intend to shift. If there is no reciprocity agreement between both the states, then you ought to take the program and exam again in the new state.

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Procedure of CNA License Transfer

If you wish to transfer your CNA license from one state to another, follow the procedure given below:

Step 1 – Application for Enrollment by Reciprocity

Request an “Application for Enrollment by Reciprocity” by contacting the Nurse Aide registry of your current state. Also request them to send the completed application to the Nurse Aide registry of the new state via email or mail.

Step 2 – Contact New State’s Nurse Aide registry

Contact the other State’s Nurse Aide registry to enquire if they accept the “Application for Enrollment by Reciprocity” directly from you or from the Nurse Aide registry of your current state. Moreover, ask the phone numbers and name of the key persons from whom you need to interact for later reference.

Step 3 – Other Documents

Once you receive the reciprocity form, fill it properly. Attach a copy of the following documents:

  • Driving license (or a similar photo id document)
  • Social security card
  • Educational proofs
  • Approval from your present CNA state
  • A recent pay stub as proof that you have served as a nursing assistant within the past 2 years.
  • Background check

Submit the completed application along with the required documents. Inform the contact person about it by mail or fax.

You will have to wait for 4-6 weeks for a response from the nurse aide registry of that state after submission of the application. You must ask the status of your license if you do not receive it on time. You can start practicing as a CNA in the new state only after you get the CNA license.