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CNA Certification In Iowa

Certified Nursing Assistants are named as Direct Care Workers (DCWs) in Iowa. The process of obtaining CNA certification in Iowa begins with completing a nurse aide program program, which must be approved by the State’s “Division of Health Facilities”, followed by passing the state competency exam. After this, the name of the candidate will appear on the Iowa Nurse Aide Registry.

What are the Requirements and Procedure of Obtaining CNA Licensure in IA?

The prerequisites and procedure to obtain certification in the state of Iowa are as follows:

  • Enroll in a 75-hour program course. You can either enroll yourself or your employer can enroll you. Make sure that out of these 75 hours, 30 hours must be set for clinical practice.
  • After completing the course, pass the written and skills section of the competency test.
  • Upon getting trained and qualifying the exam, the name of the candidate will be listed on the Iowa Nurse Aide Registry.
  • A 6-digit ID number will be issued by the Registry.
  • The candidates are now eligible to work as a CNA in the state. If you do not work for 2 years, you will have to take both the sections of the competency exams again, in order to update your status on the registry and carry on work in Iowa.

How to Renew CNA Certificate in Iowa?

All CNA licenses in Iowa are valid for 24 months until you remain active on the state’s nurse aide registry. A recertification form will be mailed to the eligible CNAs approximately 2 to 3 months before the expiry date of the license. You can also complete the renewal online by contacting the State Board of Nursing. You are required to show an evidence of working for a minimum of 8 hours as a CNA since the issuing date of your license.

License Lookup

Click on the following link to search for a CNA license in Iowa:

For searching by name, provide the below information:

  • First name
  • Last name (or firm name)
  • Professions
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

You can also search by “License Number”.

Accessing the Iowa Nurse Aide Registry

You may access the registry after 2 to 3 weeks waiting period. Use either of the following way:

  • Online
    www.dia-hfd.state.ia.usAfter clicking the above link, follow the below steps:

    • Click on the “Login” tab present on the left side of the screen.
    • Enter the account ID and password. Your account ID is the last 4 digits of your SSN, an underscore and the first initial of your first and last names in caps lock (for example: 2375_PR). In the password box, enter the five digits of your SSN, an underscore and the first initial of your first and last names in caps lock (for example: 23575_PR).
    • The next page will ask you to answer security questions or set up five “baseline”.
    • You can then create a new password as per your convenience in the next window.
    • The homepage of the registry will be opened. You can print your card and navigate anywhere within your record.
  • Call at 866.876.1997You can access the Voice Response System by using this toll-free number. Follow all the instructions to access information. An active response on the Direct Care Worker Registry indicates that you have successfully passed both the sections of the exam, and you are listed on the registry.

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Question 1 – What is the minimum scores requirement in the competency test?

Answer – The candidates are required to score a minimum of 70 percent in both the skills as well as written sections of the competency exams, in order to get their name listed on the state’s registry.

Question 2 – Is there any fee charge to renew CNA license in Iowa?

Answer – No, the state does not charge any fee to renew CNA license.

Question 3 I am presently working as a CNA in California. Do I need to attend a CNA Program program again, in order to transfer my license to Iowa?

Answer – If your application is approved, you are not required to enroll in a CNA Program program. However, if you hold a lapsed license in your original state, then you will need to complete a program again.