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Importance of CNAs in the Medical Field

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is known by different names in different states such as Patient Care Assistant (PCA), State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA), or Nurse Aide (NA). CNAs really hold an important place in the field of medicine because they assist the registered nurses and the licensed practical nurses in taking care of the patients. Though the role played by CNAs is very critical during patient care, they are legally restricted to perform certain medical procedures. Nurse aides keep direct contact with the residents or clients, and hence, their behavior and way of care impact the patient’s health.

Why CNAs Hold an Important Place in the Healthcare Industry?

  • A certified nursing assistant not only take care of the patients, but also calm down their family members by providing them emotional strength.
  • It is the CNA (not a doctor) who remain with the patient for a long time.
  • Genuine concern for the ill and disabled patients and willingness to shoulder new responsibilities make these professionals the backbone of the nursing industry.
  • CNAs address the spiritual and emotional needs of the patient.
  • Nurse aides assist patients cope with or overcome the pain via non-drug methods like distraction, heat, massage, and humor.
  • CNAs are authorized to take care of the patients of all age. They perform certain basic duties that ease the patient care process. The following are the key roles performed by a CNA:

    • Bathing During the post-injury care, the CNAs are expected to bathe the patients. This includes bathing patients who have undergone certain critical surgeries like the heart surgery.
    • Dressing Up CNAs are also responsible for feeding and dressing up the patients until they recover fully and perform these tasks on their own. Dressing up patients with sutures is vital because the caretaker has to be really careful about the body movements of the patients as it should not affect the sutures.
    • Make Beds The CNAs are responsible for preparing the bed for the patients. This task also includes changing the sheets, disposing of the soiled sheets, taking care of the bedpans and maintaining the cleanliness of the room.
    • Serve Meals It is the responsibility of the CNA to serve meals to the patients as prescribed by the doctor and maintain a chart of their meal consumption every day.
    • Handling of Medical Equipments In certain cases the CNA is responsible for arranging medical equipment in the doctor’s cabin for examining the patient. They also move certain important medical equipments from one chamber to the other inside the hospital. Nurse aides are also responsible for the sterilization and cleanliness of these equipments.
    • Assistance During Medical Procedures Some CNAs are expected to assist in certain medical procedures like drawing blood, closing the drips, etc. However, to perform these procedures, the CNA must be well-trained.

The CNAs are also expected to observe the patients closely and inform the doctors about the changes or improvements timely.