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CNA Certification In Missouri

If you want to be listed in the Certified Nurse Aide Registry of Missouri – the initial steps that must be followed by every aspirant to become a CNA in the state are – complete a program program and pass the state competency exam. The program program that the candidate undergoes must be approved by the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services. The certification programs are monitored by the Department of Health and Senior Services. CNA certification in Missouri makes your route to a recession-proof nursing assistant career easy.

Requirements for Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide in MO

Aspirants applying for CNA licensure in Missouri need to fulfill the below requirements:

1. Nursing Student

If you are a nursing student, you are supposed to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Provide a copy of your transcript showing successful completion of a clinical rotation and Fundamentals of Nursing with a passing grade.
  • Submit a copy of your SSN card, phone number and a return address where you can be contacted at any time of the day.
  • Take and pass the CNA competency examination.

2. Enrolled in an RN or LPN Program

If you are currently enrolled in an LPN or RN program and have completed Fundamentals of Nursing course (including a clinical rotation) in the past 5 years, you need to provide a copy of the transcript.

3. RN or LPN Nursing Licensure

If you hold an RN or LPN nursing licensure but failed the state licensure exam, you must provide the following documents:

  • Failure notice from the Board of Nursing.
  • A copy of the certificate proving successful completion of the nursing program.

4. Out-of-State Candidate

If you are presently active on the Nurse Aide Registry of another state, you will be allowed to challenge the Missouri CNA exam, in order to get registered as a CNA in the state. You need to provide:

  • Copy of social security card
  • Daytime phone number
  • Return address
  • A photocopy of out-of-state license
  • Work verification of 8 hours in every 24 months till the out-of-state registry tracks your employment.

5. Nursing Program Completed Outside the U.S.

If you have successfully completed a nursing program outside the United States and are still waiting to obtain licensure in MO, then submit the below documents:

  • Photocopy of school transcript translated into English.
  • Photocopy of out-of-country certificate or license.
  • Photocopy of out-of-country criminal background check decoded to English.

Procedure to Obtain CNA Licensure in MO

The process for obtaining CNA license in Missouri is very simple and quick. This is one of the reasons why a number of individuals choose this career. As soon as the passing scores of the certification exams are received, the name of the candidate is automatically listed on the Nurse Aide Registry. Apart from the testing fee, no other fee is charged for obtaining nurse aide certification in Missouri.

Renewal of Missouri License

The Federal regulation necessitates that the candidate should be employed for a minimum of 8 hours as paid, in the nurse related services without a break of 2 years i.e., had been active on the State Registry.

Renewal of Expired License

If the aspirant takes 5 years break from employment, the certificate will be considered expired. To renew the expired license, the CNA will be required to:

  • Retake the entire CNA course.
  • Submit proof of paid nursing service employment, which may include the below documents:
    • Copy of pay stubs, or
    • Copy of W-2 form, or
    • Social Security employment statement, or
    • A letter written from your employer on an official letterhead, which must verify the position held, date of employment, and job duties.

    Submit the above documents to:

    Department of Health and Senior Services
    Attn: Health Education Unit
    P. O. Box 570
    Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

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Inactive to Active Status

To change your license status from inactive to active, you need to provide a proof of paid employment in the field of nursing services. You may provide the employment documents as mentioned above (Refer point number 2 of Renewal of Expired License).

If you are unable to provide the proof, you may challenge the examination by submitting a copy of your social security card, daytime telephone number and a return address to the above address (See Expired Status section).

Search for CNA in Missouri Nurse Assistant Registry

Click on the following link to search for CNA in the Nurse Aide Registry:

You will be required to enter the following details to complete the search:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Social Security Number


Question 1 – I took the nurse aide exam a few months ago, but my name is still not listed on the CNA registry. What do I need to do now?

Answer – You must contact the facility / school from where you took the program course or ask them the name of the association where they have sent your paperwork.

In case you challenged the exam, you must contact the examiner and ask for further information. Call (573) 526-5686 if your paperwork has not been sent for certification and ask for the CNA registry or HEU (Health Education Unit).

Question 2 – I got married a few weeks ago. Since my last name has changed, how do I order a new license with my current name?

Answer – You must contact the certifying association that issued your license. If you don’t know the association that issued your license, call the Health Education Unit at (573) 526-5686.

Question 3 – Recently, I challenged the CNA certification exam and failed. What do I have to do now?

Answer – If you have completed your program, but failed to clear either practical or written portion of the exam, then you will have to retake the failed section 2 more times within ninety (90) days of the first failure. You will have to go through the program again, if you don’t take the test within the specified time period of 90-days.