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How to Get Back the Lost CNA Certificate

CNA license is an entry ticket towards a booming career. It is proof that you have undergone the standard program program and have cleared the eligibility test. License misplacement is a normal phenomenon. To obtain a new certificate, contact the State Board of Nursing and submit a form named as Request of Reprint of Certificate. Follow the below -mentioned steps and to Get Back the Lost CNA Certificate.

Procedure to Obtain, the Lost Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate

Step: 1 – Contact the State Board of Nursing

First of all call the nursing board of your state and ask for the documents required, in order to obtain a new certificate

Step: 2 – Fill the Form

Follow the guidelines and fill the request form. Mention your name, address, contact number, nurse aide registry number and social security number clearly. Thereafter, send it back to the board.

Step: 3 – Find Out Online Replacement Request

If your state accepts duplicate registry card request online and asks them to re-evaluate the process. You can find an online application in the form of PDF in some states. Fill the form and submit it to the board.

Step: 4 – Pay Replacement Cards fees

Some state provide replacement registry card at no charge cost while other may charge around $25 for the same. You can make the payment by attaching a cheque or money order with the application form.

It takes seven-eight weeks to get the registry card, but requesting method and state nursing board also affects this duration. Get two or three copies of the replacement card, carry a card copy and keep the original one in a secure place. In between, if your address gets changed, notify it to the state nursing board within 30 days.


Question: – I am a resident of Texas and have lost my Texas nurse aide registry card. Suggest me how can I get a replacement/duplicate card?

Answer: – You can contact nursing board of your state to inquire about the requirements and procedure to get a replacement card. Submit a complete application letter to request for correction to NAR data or reprint of the registry card. Besides, submit the required documents.

Question: – My wallet was recently stolen along with my nurse aide certification, how much I have to pay to obtain a replacement card?

Answer: – Replacement card fee depends on the nursing board of the state. Some states provide card without any cost while other may charge $25 for it.

Question: – I applied for a replacement or duplicate CNA certificate card last month; I want to know when will I get it?

Answer: –  Most probably, you will obtain the replacement card next month as it takes eight weeks, but it also varies as per your requesting procedure and the board of nursing.