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CNA Agencies

CNA agencies act as coordinators between skilled nurses and health care facilities. They help qualified nurses in finding a job that fits their qualification. Besides, such agencies strive to provide best employees, who can match the requirements of that vacant position.  Nurse aides’ agencies assist several medical facilities like healthcare centers, assisted living centers, nursing homes, clinics and hospitals in hiring competent employees. There is a huge demand of nursing agencies in United States due to the shortage of certified nursing assistants throughout the country.

Types of CNA Agencies

Travel Nursing Agency

Travel Nursing Agency work to fulfill the post of nurse aides in medical facilities all over the country. These bodies help appoint CNA’s in critical and remote regions of United States. Aspirants who can work as certified nursing assistant in any part of the country must contact this agency.

Nurse Recruiting / Staffing Agency

Nurse recruiting and staffing agencies work to help CNA candidates in finding the right job in their own state or other states. Such agencies have good liaisoning with employers all over the nation which, in turn, help nurse aide aspirants in getting job in diverse healthcare areas like cardiac care, neurology, ortho pediatrics, gerontology, psychiatric nursing, etc.

How to Start Nurse Aide Agency

If nursing assistants wish, they can start their own nursing agencies. Here are some steps you must follow in order to start your own agency:

Step1 – To start with, you will need to set up your office. Arrange for a room either outside or within your residence. Furnish the office with a computer and a telephone.

Step2 – You must contact HR department of various medical facilities and healthcare centers (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes etc). Give them your certification details and assure them that you are capable of fulfilling their vacancies. Sign a contract with them at some predefined rate.

Step3 – Publish advertisement about your agency in the local newspaper and nursing magazines.

Step4 – Create and print leaflets/pamphlets containing details about your nursing agency, the employment requirement, and your contact details.

Step5 – Then, start contacting candidates who have the potential; and their qualifications/skills must match with the requirements in medical facilities.

Step6 – Inspect the prospective candidates, analyze their certifications and qualifications.

Step7 – Now, contact potential employers, healthcare institutes and facilities and ensure them that selected candidates fit their predefined criterion.

Step8 – You must record all your business information with the details of employees working with you.

Step9 – Maintain information of all the employers and prospective candidates in separate files. Simultaneously you must maintain all record in separate computers.

Step10 – Make it sure that all your business activities must comply with federal, state and local laws and regulations for medical staffing.

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Registration of Nursing Agency

It is important to register nursing assistant agencies as they are regulated on federal and state level. Some important information regarding the registration procedure is as follows:

  • You have the option of registering your company as a limited liability or sole proprietorship. In case of any issues, your clients can contact a liable person. Besides, it aids in paying taxes.
  • You must get your company registered with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and request for an employee identification number for your agency. One can even register online.
  • You can even join Small Business Administration (SBA) of USA. This provides online program and can help you contact local agencies and prospective employers.
  • You must contact state licensing office within your state to get your agency licensed.
  • Since, National Association for Home Care and Hospice is the largest trade association in USA, it is important to obtain its membership. To get along with NAHC, you must provide certain information about your agency like current statistics, state wise contact details, etc.
  • Moreover, register your agency with state Medicare or Medicaid, which will ensure that your company is legal.