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CNA Insurance

To obtain the long-run career benefits in the heath care sector, it is important to get an insurance cover. Working as a CNA is an attractive proposal, but it comes with a bundle of responsibilities. A slight ignorance or negligence of a nurse may cause injury to the patient. In this situation, CNAs may be charged for delinquency by the patient or the family member.

CNA insurance saves you from such unpredicted misfortunes. It is a kind of security program offered by insurance companies, in order to cover different types of professional liabilities that nursing aides may have to face on the job.

Importance of CNA Insurance

Insurance is a way of protecting the interest of an individual from any uncertainty or damage. CNA insurance safeguards you in case of an unexpected accident. It covers the fees of legal obligation and other financial losses. Being the front line workers certified nursing assistants mostly deal with patients. Since, they are responsible for a number of tasks like measuring vital signs (blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse rate etc), administering medicines, nutritional requirements, toileting, timely shifting to prevent bedsores etc., there are chances of errors. A patient may sue you, in this case. In this situation, CNA insurance can save you from unwanted court cases and assertions.

There are Two Types of Insurance for Certified Nurse Aides:

  • Malpractice Insurance for CNA’sCNA’s are overloaded with work and surrounded with patients all the time. This may sometimes lead to frustration and results in ignorance of patients’ problems. If a patient is injured due to the negligence of a nurse then s/he may face a legal suit. Malpractice insurance benefits both, the CNA as well as the patient. This policy covers the legal proceeding charges and provides reimbursement to the patient for the trouble they had faced. The incidences for which you can receive malpractice insurance include:
  • If a patient gets a drug reaction while administering drugs by CNA.
  • Injuries to the patients while shifting them from one ward to another.
  • If CNA forgets to shift a patient from time to time and patient gets bedsores.

Problems associated with Malpractice insurance are as follows:

  • The premium rate of malpractice insurance is generally high. In some cases, the amount of the claim is more than the premium amount. Hence, only a few companies offer this insurance.
  • CNA’s face difficulty in paying high premium amount.
  • Professional Liability Insurance for CNA’sWith the help of Professional Liability Insurance, an individual can protect himself from the damages, if he shortfall in performing the professional duties and responsibilities. This policy is also termed as “Errors and Omissions Coverage.” A patient may prosecute the CNA in case of any mistake or damage. In this situation, if CNA loses the case, then they have to provide compensation to the patient. Professional liability insurance saves the CNA in such cases.

Professional liability insurance is valid in following cases:

  • If a patient gets injured due to his own mistake while exercising.
  • If a patient is not administered with first aid on time by the CNA; he might file the case.
  • If the required medical equipments are not working at the time of treatment, then patient may take legal action against the CNA.

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How to Choose an Insurance Policy?

Due to the increasing uncertainties, a number of companies are offering different insurance plans. In this highly competitive market, it is very critical to choose a right insurance cover.

In the nursing field, a number of factors affect the insurance rates; for instance, employer, number of patients a CNA attends in one day, CNA characteristics etc.

Following points must be kept in mind while selecting an insurance policy:

  • You must research about the range of insurance policy plans existing in market and premium rates of these plans. Compare the rates as well.
  • Try to obtain best possible quotations from different insurance companies and fetch information about their products in detail.
  • Calculate the pros and cons of all policies and find out the one that is appropriate for you.
  • Consider a policy that is flexible in providing protection.
  • After you purchase the policy, always remember to renew it every year. If you forget to do so, then company will charge an extra amount for renewing it.