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Are you unable to make up your mind about choosing the profession of nursing assistant or not? If so, read this section. This section helps nurse aide aspirants to get all the information they must know before entering in this field and also assists them in clearing their confusions and doubts. Some of the important aspects covered in this part are:

  • What actually a nursing assistant is?
  • What personal traits a certified nursing assistant must possess?
  • How to choose the best nursing school?
  • What are the working alternatives for the nursing aide?
  • What basic duties a CNA has to perform in a healthcare setting?
  • How an applicant can increase the exam score?
  • What are the features of online CNA classes?
  • Sample resume for fresher certified nursing assistant.
  • Sample resume for experienced certified nurse aide.
  • Interview tips.
  • Good and worst things of being a CNA.
  • Scope of practice.
  • Career advancement opportunities.
  • Cost associated with nurse aide training programs.
  • What is accelerated nursing assistant program?

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