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CNA Certification In New Jersey

If you are compassionate, hard-working and willing to help others, you may enter the field of healthcare by acquiring CNA certification in New Jersey. Becoming a certified nurse aide in NJ requires you to take the state-recognized program program and pass the competency exam. The certification process in the state is administered by the Department of Health. The same department manages the New Jersey Nurse Aide Registry. The CNA examination is conducted and graded by the PSI Services.

Eligibility Routes

You are eligible for obtaining certification in the state if you qualify any one of the following routes:

  • Student/Graduate Nurse
    • Completed the program course in the Fundamentals of Nursing within 12 months before submitting the examination application.
    • Completed graduation from a recognized nursing school and is planning to acquire the state nursing boards; OR if you are currently licensed as a registered professional nurse and have graduated from a foreign school of nursing.
  • Military Nurse Aide
    • Completed program and is employed as a CNA aide in a military service, which is comparable to that of a certified nursing assistant. 
  • New Personal Care Assistant
    • Completed assisted living facilities program course of 85 hours approved by the state and has never been certified as a personal care assistant (PCA) in NJ.
  • Expired Nurse Aide with Education
    • Initially certified as a CNA in NJ more than 5 years ago and your certificate lapsed. You are required to complete the nursing assistant program in long-term care facility and pass the competency evaluation.
  • Expired Nurse Aide Without Education
    • Initially certified as a CNA in NJ less than 5 years ago and your certificate lapsed. You need to qualify the written / oral examination and skills evaluation. If you fail any of these sections, you will have to retrain and retest.

Steps for Completing the Examination Application

If you are applying for nurse aide certification by examination, follow the below steps:

Step 1 – After completing your CNA Program program, you are eligible to take the test. Download the application from the following link:

Step 2 – Submit the application to PSI.

Step 3 – After submission of the application, the instructor of your program program will schedule for the Skills Evaluation.

Step 4 – If your application is incorrect or incomplete, a notification will be sent by the PSI explaining the reason why the application is returned. You will also be provided instructions to complete the application form.

Step 5 – Take and pass both the sections – skills and written / oral of the exam within 2 years of completion of your program program.

Obtaining CNA Licensure through Reciprocity or Equivalency

If you are presently holding a CNA license in another state and your name is placed on that state’s nurse aide registry and on any state’s nurse aide abuse registry, and your certificate has not been revoked in any state, you may apply for nurse aide certification in New Jersey.

Testing / Reciprocity Fees

  • Examination Fee
  • Skills Evaluation and English Oral Exam – $90.00
  • Skills Evaluation and Written Exam – $76.00
  • Skills Evaluation and Spanish Oral Exam – $90.00
  • Written Exam Only (Re-take Exam) – $53.00
  • Skills Evaluation Only (Re-take Exam) – $23.00
  • Spanish Oral Exam Only (Re-take Exam) – $67.00
  • English Oral Exam Only (Re-take Exam) – $67.00
  • Reciprocity – $30.00

Recertification / Renewal of New Jersey Nurse Aide License

All CNAs are required to renew and update their license at least once in every 2 years, along with completing the fingerprint process. A PSI data renewal mailer will be mailed to you approximately 45 days before the expiry date.

In order to be recertified in the state, an individual must:

  • Hold valid, current nurse aide certificate.
  • Employed in nursing or services related to nursing for a minimum of 7 hours as paid for an agency licensed by the Department or in a licensed health care facility, within the last 2 years from the expiry date.
  • Must not have their certificate suspended or revoked.
  • Completed a criminal history background check with fingerprinting before the expiry date of the certificate.

Verification of CNA License in NJ

Use the following link to verify the status of your CNA licensure:

Online New Jersey Nurse Aide Registry Search

Click the below link to search the NJ Nurse Aide Registry:

You will be required to enter the below details:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Birth Date
  • Certification Number

Duplicate Nurse Aide License, Reporting Name, Address or Employer Changes

In order to replace a lost care assistant or nurse aide certificate, or report an address, name, or employer change, you are required to contact:

New Jersey Nurse Aide Registry PSI
3525 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 1000
Hamilton Township, New Jersey – 08619

You can also call at the toll-free telephone number: 1-877-774-4243

Expired Certificate

If your nurse aide license has expired / lapsed and the date of your initial certification is more than five (5) years, you need to complete the following requisites:

  • Nurse aide program program of 90 hours or personal care assistant program program of 85 hours approved by the state.
  • Written (or Oral) Examination
  • Skills Evaluation

If your nurse aide license has expired / lapsed and the date of your initial certification is less than five (5) years, you need to pass both Written (or Oral) and the Skills Evaluation Examination before the completion of 5 years of your initial license.


Question 1 – Where do I call for any queries related to the certification process in NJ?

Answer – In a few days, the registry will be available online. For questions related to the certification status, candidates can call at 1-877-774-4243.

Question 2 – How can I download the Candidate Information Bulletin?

Answer – You can email the PSI for the Candidate Information Bulletin at, or else download it from the below link:

Question 3 – How can I order CBI (Criminal Background Investigation) forms?

Answer – To order CBI forms, email at You must include the mailing address and the quantity needed while submitting your request.