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Duties of the CNAs Working in Home Health Care

The role of a certified nursing assistant is notable when it comes to home health care. They perform all essential tasks needed to take complete care of the patients at home, to ensure their safety, and recover fast. Starting from feeding the patients till making note of their health condition, CNAs fulfill their job duties with utmost dedication. Weak and elderly clients, people with disabilities, and those suffering from diabetes, emphysema (a respiratory problem), and heart attack specially require the services of home health aides. The pay scale for home health care CNAs is high because of the nature of their job.

Key Duties of CNAs in Home Health Care

Home health care CNAs support the patients in their daily chores and provide the best care to help them recover fast. Some of their other duties include:

1. Administration of Treatment

They administer the prescribed treatment to the patients at home. They take up the responsibility of giving the medicines to the residents on time. They do wound dressing, change the bandage, and measure the vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, respiration rate, etc.).

2. Oxygen Supply

If the patient is under oxygen, then the CNA will be in charge of the oxygen supply and the equipment through which the oxygen is supplied.

3. Maintain the Health Record of the Patient

They keep a note of the client’s condition and notify the family members about their healthcare status. Also, they maintain the input and output record and the patient care journal for the doctors to know the status of the patient.

4. Grooming of the Patients

CNAs help the patients in bathing, feeding and dressing. They also provide hair care and nail care to the clients.

5. Confidence Boost Up

The CNA teaches ‘assisted living techniques’ to the patients that provide them the confidence to do their work on their own and recover sooner.

6. Help the Patient’s Family Members

If a patient is living with the support of a cane, walker, or they use special utensils to eat, the CNA will administer their movements and also teach the family members how to help the patient at times of emergency. In addition, certified nursing assistants also assist the family members of the patients to fill the forms and get the procedures correctly done, so they could receive the medical-claims and medical reimbursements.

7. Take Care of Hygiene

CNAs are responsible for maintaining a healthy environment for the patient at home. They keep the environment clean and neat. They take every possible measure to prevent the spread of infection.

8. Makes Bed

They prepare the bed for the patients and also change the bedpans, catheters, and the soiled sheets.

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9. Manage the Equipments

In case of portable toilets, lift chairs, lift beds, wheelchairs and more, nurse aides can help patients in using them. These professionals also look after the cleanliness of the medical equipments.

10. Nutritional Requirements of the Patient

The CNAs are responsible for taking care of the kitchen facilities, bathroom facilities and also they do the laundry for the patients and the elderly. They provide nutritious meal to the patients by keeping a note of their dietary requirements.

11. Housekeeping

Nursing assistants cook food, clean the patient’s room, shop for the grocery and perform other housekeeping errands as described in the care plan.

12. Help in Ambulation

Nurse aides help patients in walking and performing motion exercises. They also transfer or lift them to a wheelchair or chair.