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How to Verify Your CNA License?

CNA certification is an essential requirement for those who are willing to work as nurse aides in the medical and healthcare facilities. All the employers validate the nursing assistant certification before hiring, in order to ensure that you are in good standing and currently active on the state nurse aide registry. If you are transferring your nurse aide licensure to a new state, then also verification is an important requisite. Several states provide you the facility to verify your license individually or in group (batch).

Why to Verify the CNA License?

Here are some reasons that necessitate the verification of nursing assistant licensure:

  • To Get Your Dream JobVerification of license is essential to increase your chances of getting hired by the prospective recruiters. Employers prefer to hire candidates with active license. If your certificate is “inactive”, you will not be deemed eligible for carrying out your CNA job.
  • To Find Out the Renewal Date of the CertificateThe verification enables you to check the status of your license, i.e., whether it is active, inactive, lapsed or expired. It also helps you determine the renewal date of your certificate.
  • To Ensure You are Free from All Sorts of ConvictionsVerification ensures that you have a clear criminal history and you are not convicted of misdemeanor, neglect, abuse or any other charges. If you suspect that someone has charged you of felony, you can check it by verifying your nurse aide license.
  • Transfer to Another StateIf you are a CNA and wish to move to another state of the US, you must verify your license compulsorily to get it transferred. You may request the nursing board of the state where you are currently holding your certificate to send verification to the new state where you are planning to shift.

Ways to Verify Your CNA License

  • License OfficeFind out the telephone number and address of the license office in your state from the nurse aide registry’s website. Get in touch with the contact person or visit the office in-person to get your certification verified. You must provide your social security number, license number and date, photo identification proof. You may have to pay some fee for verification process.
  • Online VerificationYou can verify your license online if this– facility is available in your state.
  • Authentication by Third PartyYou must get your license verified by third party, in case, you find some difficulty in getting it verified yourself.

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Procedure of Nurse Aide License Verification

Here are the steps that you must follow, in order to get your license verified:

Step 1 – Search for the telephone number and address of the nurse aide registry of your respective state via website. Enter the name of your state, and corresponding contact details will get displayed.

Step 2 – You must check if your state provides the facility of verifying the license online.

Step 3 – If online verification facility is not available, then you must visit the nurse aide registry office personally and provide details like issue date of your license, license number, social security number, etc.

Step 4 – Pay the verification fee which might differ from state to state.

Step 5 – Obtain the nursing certification by post instead of email within 2 weeks of submission of your application. It is better to get it by post as printed copy contains original seal of the licensing authority.