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The History of Certified Nurse Assistants

Certified nurse assistants are the entry level professionals, who work in hospitals, nursing homes, day care and assisted care facilities, etc., to serve people in need. They act as coordinators between patients and doctors. Patient’s need CNA’s when they are unable to execute their daily tasks by themselves. Earlier, untrained volunteers assisted doctors, but these days they have been replaced by highly trained professionals.

How CNA’s came into Practice

CNA’s first started practicing during World War I when Volunteer nurse aide service was established for American Red Cross. The quality of nursing homes was improved after Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987, and this created a huge demand for CNA professionals across the states.

Nursing Boards

Board of Nursing began working in 1990’s to accredit various nursing schools, hospitals, nursing homes and day care centers, etc., which provide CNA Program to aspirants.


National network of career nursing assistants is a non-profit organization that acknowledges qualified CNA’s each year and strives to promote teamwork, reliability, and integrity.

Prerequisites for being a CNA

For becoming a CNA, one has to undergo the CNA program at a state approved program school, hospital or nursing home. This course is composed of classroom instruction and practical hands-on experience program for prescribed number of hours as defined by the state. This course comprises various topics like nutritional requirements of patients, administering medicines, maintaining hygiene of patients, bathing, cleaning, changing, shifting patient sideways, movement from bed to wheelchair and vice versa, assisting them in communicating with doctors and their family members etc.