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CNA Certification In Rhode Island

The first step to acquire CNA certification in Rhode Island is to take the Rhode Island Department of Health approved nurse aide program. Your name will be placed on the RI Nurse Aide Registry once you qualify both the parts (written and skills test) of the certification exam. Just obtaining a nursing assistant license is not enough to carry out your work smoothly; you need to renew it periodically (after every 2 years).

Requirements to be Fulfilled for Getting CNA License in RI

1. By Examination

If you wish to enroll in an approved nursing assistant program, consider fulfilling the following requisites:

  • Submit a non-refundable fee of $35.00 made payable to “RI General Treasurer”.
  • Attach a 2 x 3 inch passport-type photograph, which must be not older than a year.
  • Submit completed and notarized examination application.
  • Provide original BCI check from the RI Attorney General’s Office only, which must be dated within 4 months of the application date, having the stamp and seal. If you are providing a positive BCI, you need to provide a detailed explanation.
  • Successfully complete the practical and written nursing assistant examination within 12 months from your program date.
  • Successfully complete the Rhode Island nursing assistant program program approved by the Department of Health.

2. By Examination- Nursing Students

If you are a nursing student pursuing a nursing program and have successfully completed two clinical nursing program courses, you need to fulfill the below-given requisites:

  • Provide official transcript or signature of the Dean of your nursing school.
  • Other requirements are same as mentioned above (Refer points I to V of Requirements to be Fulfilled for Getting CNA License in RI by Examination).

3. By RN or LPN License

If you are presently licensed as an RN or LPN in good standing and wish to obtain a CNA license in the state, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Provide verification of your current RN or LPN license.
  • Other requirements are similar to the one mentioned in Requirements to be Fulfilled for Getting CNA License in RI by Examination (Refer points I to IV).

4. By Endorsement

If you currently hold an active nursing assistant license in good standing in another state and wish to transfer it to RI, you must fulfill the below-given requirements:

  • Some requirements are same as mentioned above (Refer points I to IV of Requirements to be Fulfilled for Getting CNA License in RI by Examination).
  • Provide proof of holding a current license as a CNA in another state. You must fill the top section of the Interstate Verification Form.
  • Submit evidence of employment as a nursing assistant OR evidence of nursing assistant program program hours.Confirmation of 100 Program Program Hours
    If you are showing proof of completion of 100 program program hours, you are required to provide it on company letterhead or a copy of your Nursing Assistant Program Program Certificate, stating the number of skills, program hours and number of written program hours.
    Verification of 3 Months Employment
    If you have not completed 100 hours of nursing assistant program program, you need to submit an employer’s statement that must demonstrate a minimum of 3 months of full-time work experience as a nursing assistant within the last year. For this, you must complete the top section of the Employment Verification Form present on the 11th page of the endorsement application and send it to your employer.

Procedure to Obtain CNA License in RI

You may obtain CNA license in Rhode Island by following the below-given steps:

Step 1: Complete your nursing assistant program program.

Step 2: Download the “Rhode Island Nursing Assistant Program Application for Registration by Examination” using the following link:

Step 3: Mail the application with all the appropriate information, documentation and fee to:

Rhode Island Department of Health
3 Capitol Hill, Room 105 – NA Board
Providence, Rhode Island 02908-5097

Step 4: After receiving your completed application and all the required documents, the Department of Health will process your application and a temporary Nursing Assistant license for 120 days will be issued, if you have applied for licensure by examination.

Step 5: Schedule and pass the exam. The examinations are conducted at the Newport, Lincoln, and Warwick Campus of the Community College of RI. You get 3 chances to pass both the written as well as skills exam.

Renewal of Nursing Aide License

CNA license in RI expires after every 24 months. You will be mailed a renewal notice approximately 60 days before the expiration date of your license. You are required to obtain the signature of an official in a certified Rhode Island health care facility, where you worked as a CNA 2 years before renewal.

Note: If you are employed in a facility other than a licensed Rhode Island health care facility, you are not eligible to renew your license.

Methods to Renew CNA License

  • Online
    Here is the link to renew your license online.
    You can pay the renewal fees via Visa, Master Card or Credit or Debit, ATM Cards and ACH/EFT (Online Checking Account Draft).
  • Paper Application
    In case you want to pay fees via money order or check, you may request for a paper renewal application on the following e-mail address:

Reinstating the Nursing Aide License in RI

If you ever held a nursing assistant license in the state of Rhode Island, you can reinstate it in either of the 2 ways:

  • You are presently licensed as a CNA in another state and must follow the application instructions by Endorsement.OR
  • You are required to retest and retrain with a RI nursing assistant program program and must follow the application instructions by examination.

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Address Change / Name Change / Lost License

Use the following link to download the Address Change / Name Change / Lost License form:

If your name has been changed and you wish to get a new license, you are required to provide the following:

  • Proof of name change
  • Old license card
  • Pay $40.00 via money order made payable to the “Rhode Island General Treasurer”.

If you are using the application for address change, you can send the completed form via fax to the Rhode Island Department of Health at (401) 222-1751.

In case of lost license, submit a money order of $40.00 in the name of “Rhode Island General Treasurer”.

Submit this form along with the required amount of fee to the Rhode Island Department address mentioned above (Refer step no. 3 of Procedure to Obtain CNA Licensure in Rhode Island).

Note – You will receive the new license card within 3 to 4 weeks.

License Verification Request

Use any of the following methods to verify your RI nursing aide license:


Question 1 – I want to transfer my nursing aide license from California to Rhode Island. What I need to do for this?

Answer To transfer your license to RI, you are required to submit an endorsement application and meet all the requirements. You can download the form using the below link:

Question 2 – I’ve misplaced my renewal notification, so I don’t have the website and renewal ID. From where can I get this information?

Answer – To look up your renewal ID, you can use any one of the following options:

Question 3 – My renewal notification states that I can renew online, however, I am not able to see any license to renew. Can I renew my license online?

Answer – There may be chances that your license type was inactive at the time the renewal applications were produced. In this case, you must contact the Licensing Data Entry

Unit for assistance by telephone at 401-222-1800, Monday to Friday between 8:30am – 3:30pm, or at