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10 Essential Qualities for Being a CNA

CNA classes comprise of hands-on practice and classroom instructions. One can become a certified nurse aide by completing these two program sessions and clearing the certification exam. But at the same time, it is required that the aspirant must possess some important traits which are useful when one practices the profession. Some traits are not taught in nurse aide classes, but an aspirant must have them inherently. In this article, we have described 10 essential qualities for being a CNA.

1. Empathetic Nature

As nursing assistants have to deal with the patients directly, they have to be empathetic. You need to be compassionate, kind and polite in listening and solving their problems. Your kind nature and willingness to help the patients is reflected in your behavior and is essential for their early recovery.

2. Professionalism

In healthcare facilities, there are patients of all ages and different medical conditions. All of them experience different mental state such as frustration, anxiety, loneliness and depression. Therefore, it becomes difficult for nurse aide professionals to deal with such patients, as they may be unwilling to get treated or may show un-cooperative behavior. As a CNA, you must be very polite, calm and concerned about such patients and their issues. Never replace work ethics with your personal ego and work without partiality.

3. Hard Working

A certified nurse aide has to be physically and mentally active, as s/he has to take care of the patients’ necessities all the time. Patient care activities include bathing, exercising, cleaning, shifting from bed to wheelchair, medication, etc. All these activities require a lot of physical labor, and, thus, require you to be diligent and attentive throughout the day.

4. Detail Oriented

It is the duty of the nurse aide to measure the patient’s vital sign correctly and record the complete details accurately. A patient must be given correct dosage of medication at right time. Changes in the patient’s behavior and condition must be immediately reported to the concerned nurses.

5. Endurance

A nurse aide has to be on their toes during the long working hours. They must be able to handle the patients properly as they do not get breaks in between and have to be with patients all the time.

6. Communication Skills

You must have good interaction skills to be able to communicate effectively with nurses, doctors, patients and their family members. It is important that you must be clear and assertive in your communication. Read here CNA Clinical Skills Guide

7. Sound Judgment

As a certified nursing assistant, you are supposed to possess the ability to make correct and quick judgments, in case of emergencies. It must be decided that what would be better for the patient, in certain situations, and what course of action is required to make them feel better.

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8. Adaptive Nature

A CNA has to deal with a number of changing circumstances, as there are patients suffering from different medical ailments, belonging to varied age groups. Every patient requires proper attention. Therefore, nurse assistants have to be very flexible enough to render their duties 24*7.

9. Emotional Stability

A CNA has to show emotional stability in every condition whether it is the delivery of a baby or death of a patient (with whom you may have become friendly). They must remain calm and be equally caring towards all the patients.

10. Cheerfulness

Dealing with the patients may be upsetting some times. But, you should not show frustration or anxiety, as it may disappoint the patient. Positive attitude and a smile on your face can lighten up the patient.

CNA is the best career for those candidates who are willing to serve the humans with their kindness, patience and perseverance.