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CNA Certification In Indiana

CNA certification in Indiana is an excellent option for those aspirants who are seeking for a great start in the field of nursing and acquire advance education in the same field. It is the responsibility of the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) to ensure that the potential certified nursing assistants meet the requisite qualifications and are appropriately registered on the Indiana Nurse Aide Registry.

Requirements to Obtain CNA License in IN

A certified nurse aide is required to meet the following requisites:

  • Complete a nurse aide program program approved by the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH). The program program must consist at least 75 hours of clinical program and 30 hours of classroom instructions.
  • Pass the CNA competency evaluation, including both written as well as skills test.
  • The candidate should be listed in good standing as a nurse aide on the Indiana Nurse Aide Registry.

Procedure to Obtain CNA Certification by Examination

Candidates applying for CNA certification in the state need to follow the below procedure:

Step 1 – Download the application for initial approval using the below link:

Visit the above link and click on “Application for Approval to Operate a Nurse Aide Program Program” under the Forms section. The form will directly download in your computer.

Step 2 – Submit the completed application on the following mailing address:

Indiana State Department of Health
Division of Health Care Education and Quality
2 North Meridian Street, Suite 4 – B
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Steps to Certify an Out-of-State Certified Nurse Aide in Indiana

Step 1 – The candidate must be in good standing in the out-of-state registry where s/he holds his/her CNA license.

Step 2 – You are required to contact the Ivy Tech Community College to obtain the application. It can be done by using any of the following ways:

Step 3 – Submit the completed application and testing fee of $65 to:

Ivy Tech Community College
CNA Testing
PO Box 1621
Indianapolis, IN 46206

If you are submitting the application via FedEx or UPS, then use the following address:

CNA Testing
Ivy Tech Community College
50 West Fall Creek Parkway, North Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46208

Step 4 – Next, Ivy Tech will contact you, in order to schedule the written test.

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Renewing CNA Certification in Indiana

All certified nurse aides are required to renew their license biennially, i.e., after every two (2) years. You must have worked at least 8 hours as a CAN, in the past 2 years consecutively and received a minimum of 12 hours of in-service program per year.

Methods to Renew Nursing Assistant License

How to Reinstate Certified Nursing Assistant License?

If you have not completed 8 or more hours as a certified nursing assistant within the past 2 years before the renewal date, you are required to reinstate your CNA certification. You are required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education course and take the CNA competency examination again.

Name Change

In order to change your name on the Nurse Aide Registry, you need to submit a written request, which must include the following:

  • Official name change document. You may provide your divorce decree or marriage certificate. Please do not provide social security cards.
  • Home health aide, nurse aide, and/or qualified medication aide certification number
  • Current address
  • Telephone number

Submit your request via any of the following options:

Indiana State Department of Health

2 North Meridian Street, Section 4B
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Address Change

Individuals can change their address online using the following link:

Search for a Registered CNA

Use the following link to search for a licensed person:

Click on the below link to search for a Business, Facility, Corporation, Salon, etc.


Question 1 – I held an Indiana license but I let it expire in 2006. Can I simply take the state certification exam or do I have to take the program again?

Answer – Since the IN license has lapsed for more than 5 years, you will have to retake the program course which must be accredited by the Indiana state and should be of 105 hours. After successful completion of the program, appear to take the exam.

Question 2 – I want to transfer my Indiana license to another state. What is the procedure?

Answer – The requirements to transfer Indiana license to another U.S. state primarily depends on the regulations of the other state. In general, you will be required to submit the proof of your current license. However, to know all the other requirements, you must contact the Board of Nursing, CNA Nurse Aide Registry, or Community/Public Health Department of the state you are transferring to.

Question 3 – How to order license card?

Answer – If your permit or license is regulated by the IPLA (Indiana Professional Licensing Agency), you may order a hard copy of your permit / license online and request them to mail a copy or print a paper certificate.