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CNA programs By State

CNA programs are designed for students to earn their certification in the nursing field. Since this program is very costly, some students can't afford the fees of it. If becoming a nursing aide assistant is your dream and you are finding it difficult to meet the expense of these programs, then you need not worry. There are several options that help you get free CNA program and classes near you. But to take the advantages of free nursing classes, you need to fulfill some requirements. You can also apply for scholarships and government grant funds to cover your fees. Let's discuss in detail all the alternatives to aid you financially.

Different Options to Access Free CNA program

1. Scholarship and Grants

The financial aid departments of schools and community colleges offer grants to financially weak students for the sake of continuing their education. Contact the department to determine if you are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Some technical schools reimburse the entire tuition expenses.

Visit the site of U.S. Department of Education's Office of Vocational and Adult Education to get in-depth information about federal funding grants and programs for pursuing vocation and adult education. The website also acquaints you about the procedure to apply for these grants in rural and underfunded areas.

One more site that offers information about federal grants is This website allows you to send online application for availing the grants, and is linked with the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Job Corps is an organization of the federal government which helps young and dynamic people to advance their career. Job corps offer free programs and job placement assistance to the eligible candidates. Free CNA program program provides the skill and talent in the nursing field and makes one eligible to work in the community health care centres, patient's home, and other medical facilities. You can contact job corps offices in your state to find out more information about the free programs.

Different types of grants accessible to potential nursing aide assistants are as follows:

  • Disability Grants
    There are various vocational rehabilitation programs that offer free program to disabled individuals, who can't pay off the expenses of nurse aide programs. Visit the workforce office or local district office to know more about this grant.
  • Medical School Grants
    Various medical institutions provide monetary assistance to cover the entire program cost.
  • Private Grants
    Many private medical institutes get scholarships from the state medical board to provide free CNA program to the candidates. Students can also get these grants from hiring agencies, care homes, nursing homes and career advice organizations.
  • Federal Grants
    Candidates who belong to any of these groups - women, single parent or ethnic minority can apply for federal grants to finance their program.
  • State Grants
    If you consent to do work in remote and underserved locations, then you can access several incentive programs offered by your state.
  • Opportunity Grants
    If you qualify to get trained at a community college, but your income level is low, then you can grab opportunity grant. However, the eligibility requirements differ from state to state.

2. Free CNA program in Nursing Homes

Aspirants can also undertake free program through nursing care facilities. The Medicaid and Medicare facilities hire aspiring candidates to train as a CNA. The candidate has to sign a contract agreeing to work for these facilities for a particular time, after completion of the program. In return of this contract, the nursing homes endorse the program program. Some nursing homes recruit candidates who are already certified, and if they concur to work with them for a specified time, then the nursing homes reimburse all the expenses incurred by the employee in getting program.

3. Employment and programs

Some program and employment programs also organize free CNA classes. You can contact the income assistance office or unemployment agencies of your state to determine if you are an eligible applicant. Unemployed candidates, single parent, the people who want to start a new career and displaced homemakers can avail the financial assistance via these programs.

4. State Board of Nursing

If you are finding it difficult to afford the certified nursing assistant program program or don't know how to finance it, you can call the nursing board of your state. There are several special programs that finance entry-level program for the healthcare professionals. The State Board of Nursing will provide you information about these programs.

5. WIA Approved Programs

The WIA (Workforce Investment Act) was enforced to ensure that candidates throughout the US have the opportunity to access the program classes to start a new career. This act helps both young and adult people who are unemployed and financially incapable to meet the expenses of the programs.

  • The Adult Program
    • Candidates will be considered eligible for an adult program only if they are of eighteen years or older.
    • Candidates, who are laid off by the employer and are currently not into the job, can get financial support for program under WIA.
    • Candidate with low income, limited employment and displaced homemakers can also get the help. 
  • The Youth Program
    • Candidates will be considered eligible for the youth program only if their age falls between 14 and 21.
    • The individuals who have committed any crime previously, a pregnant woman and a single parent can obtain program aid under the Workforce Investment Act.
    • Those who meet the following criteria can also take advantages of the youth program:
      • those who don't have permanent residence, or
      • lives in foster care, or
      • people with literacy skill challenge, or
      • who have dropped out of school, or
      • candidates who want to complete their program which they have already started but could not complete due to some reasons.

    Aspirants get employment immediately after completing their program from WIA approved colleges, as these colleges take additional steps to help them get a good job in the nursing field.

6. Red Cross Free CNA program

The American Red Cross is a reputed non-profit organization that helps communities and people in need. It also offers free nurse aide programs to the individuals who can't pay the fee. This organization conducts free classes in almost every state of the US. It also supervises the certification of nursing assistants. It works with the nursing board of the state to add name of the certified candidates to the nursing aide registry.

7. Free CNA program Online

The free online CNA classes suit all income groups since they are available with varied cost packages. Moreover, these programs are flexible and can be scheduled as per your convenience at home. It also helps you save hostel fees and traveling cost. But ensure that these programs are accredited with the state.

Pros and Cons of Free CNA program

There are some advantages and disadvantages associated with the free nurse aide classes.


You can realize your dream of building career as a nursing assistant without any fret of finance, through free classes.


  • It needs lot of efforts to find affiliated colleges and institutions that offer free program.
  • Applying for grants and scholarships to cover the tuition fees is a lengthy procedure and you need to fulfill several formalities for the same.
  • Some institutes do not provide programs absolutely free, but at discounted rate. So, you will have to pay some part of the fees.