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What Can You Learn in the CNA Classes?

CNA classes equip the aspirants with all the essential knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care to the patients. The accredited classes meet all the standards and requirements as prescribed by the federal government. In most of the states of the USA, the program lasts for 75 hours and comprises of theoretical as well as practical sessions. It’s imperative to attend both the sessions, in order to become eligible to sit for the certification exam. Nursing assistant programs are conducted by various community colleges, technical colleges and vocational schools.

Topics Taught in the Theoretical Sessions of the CNA Classes

  • Basic Care
    Basic care includes looking after the hygiene, medicines, nutritional requirements and movement of the patients. CNAs are taught about how to look after the basic needs of the patients and how to assist them in their daily routine.
  • CPR
    This is a crucial skill which may help save the life of the patient during emergency. Therefore, CNAs are taught this skill during the course.
  • Communication Skills
    Nurse aides learn how to interact with the patients, doctors and nurses. They have to be calm, confident and clear in their communication so that they can understand the problems of the patient and render their duties properly.
  • Nutritional Requirements
    Patient’s nutritional requirements have to be met from time to time. It must be administered and observed as to how much fluids and solids a patient is taking. Nutritional value of the diet must also be evaluated which will help in quick recovery of the patient.

  • Ergonomics
    This subject teaches the CNA about how to properly use the medical equipments and to save themselves as well as patients from any kind of injury during movement from bed to wheelchair, shifting wards, etc.
  • Documentation
    Patient’s vital signs, changes in medical condition, and nutritional requirements have to be recorded and documented.
  • Disease Prevention and First Aid
    As a nursing assistant, you must know the basic medical procedures to be followed like administering the first aid to the patients, behaving in times of emergency, taking safety measures, etc.
  • Medical Procedures and Protocols
    Certified nursing assistants are taught about the underlying principles and practices in medicine.
  • Resident’s Rights
    This subject includes guidelines on how to protect the resident’s rights and maintain their personal possessions. You also learn to resolve their problems.

Other topics that are taught in these classes are – medical terminology, physiology, anatomy safety, nutrition, infection control techniques, etc.

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Skills Taught in the Practical Sessions of the CNA Classes

During practical sessions, prospective CNAs get opportunities to work in the real work settings (i.e. in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc.) along with the staff of the facility and gain hands-on experience under the supervision of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. You learn the following skills:

  • Washing hands.
  • Shifting a patient sideways to prevent bed sores.
  • Moving patient from bed to wheelchair and vice versa.
  • Recording and measuring the height and weight of the patient.
  • Recording and measuring the blood pressure, pulse rate, blood sugar and urinary output of patient.
  • Helping the patient in bathing, feeding, medication, moving, and exercising.
  • Putting and doffing of personal protective equipments.
  • Collecting of the blood and urine samples for various kinds of tests.
  • Preparing the patient for surgery.
  • Dressing of wounds.