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CNA Program Cost

CNAs are becoming the most demanded professionals in the USA with widespread job opportunities. It’s mandatory to undergo state-accredited program to get certified as a nurse aide. But before enrolling in any CNA program, you must have knowledge about the cost associated with the program. Since these programs are of short duration, they are quite affordable. However, the tuition fee largely depends on the school / institute from where you are planning to undertake program. If you are unable to pay your fees, you can cover the entire expenses via financial assistance.

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Program Cost

The CNA Program is not as expensive as other nursing courses like RN or LPN program. The average nurse aide program cost is about $71.50 for one credit hour. For out-of-state students, the program cost is about $263.50 for every credit hour. Most CNA Program courses offer career-related program of about 17 credit hours. The length of general education course varies from 10 to 15 hours. Multiply total number of credit hours with cost per credit hour to calculate the total fee of the course.

Other Fees Associated with the CNA Program

Besides tuition fee, you need to incur expenses on application fees, books, uniforms, and other supplies. The fee break-up varies from school to school. Here are some other fees that one needs to pay for getting trained.

  • $10 to $15 as student support fee.
  • $15 to $20 as campus access fee.
  • $15 to $20 as technology fee.
  • For the books and other study material like the program DVDs, the approximate fees vary from $500 to $ 1500.
  • Up to $20 for Criminal Background Check (some states conduct free background check).
  • Up to $20 for TB test (some Health Departments conduct free TB Tests).
  • There are few supplies every aspirant needs, and they cost you about $200.

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Fees of American Red Cross CNA Programs

American Red Cross charges $1,250 for the textbooks and CNA course completion certificate. Out of this, $625 should be paid in advance as registration fee, in order to reserve your seat, while the remaining $625 should be paid 7 days before the class starts. This organization does not accept personal checks. You can pay fees via certified/bank check, money order or credit card. The exam fee is $110 which is made payable to Prometric.

Red Cross also offers grants to the deserving candidates. For becoming eligible to obtain grants, you must be working 20 hours (or less) every week, or earning $8 (or less) per hour.

Alternatives to Cover CNA Program Cost

There are several options to obtain discounted or free nurse aide program.

  • Look for Medicaid or Medicare facilities. These facilities endorse program for you in exchange for an agreement that states your consent to work for them for a specific time period after program. In case, you are already trained; these facilities will hire you and repay all the expenditure outlaid by you in for pursuing the CNA program.
  • Go for accredited online CNA classes. These classes provide you theoretical knowledge. Furthermore, these programs can be scheduled as per your ease. Online nurse aide classes help save several pennies as you neither have to pay for hostel nor for traveling.
  • Contact the unemployment agencies or income assistance office of your local CNA school to determine if they offer free nurse aide program and whether you are eligible for it.
  • If you are unemployed and can’t afford the fees of the nursing assistant education programs, you are entitled to get financial assistance for pursuing the program under the WIA (Workforce Investment Act).
  • Get enrolled in Red Cross program program and apply for grants if you meet all the requirements.

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