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CNA Certification In Maryland

CNA license is an important document, if you want to practice as a nurse aide. The first step to obtain CNA certification in Maryland is get nursing assistant program from an approved institute. Thereafter, you will have to pass the NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program) exam to get placed on the Maryland Nurse Aide Registry. Read further and acquaint yourself with the requirements and procedure to acquire the license, and how to renew and verify your certification.

Requirements to Obtain CNA License in MD

1. Examination (Initial Applicants)

You must satisfactorily meet the following requisites to obtain licensure in MD:

  • Completed a state-approved CNA Program program.
  • Pay the required application fee.
  • Attach a 2″x 2″ full-face photograph.
  • Submit the completed application.

2. Endorsement

In addition to the above-mentioned requirements (ii-iv of requirements to obtain CNA License in Maryland by Examination), the candidates are required to meet the below-given eligibility conditions to get the nursing assistant license through endorsement:

  • Meet all the program requirements specified by the Maryland Board of Nursing.
  • Hold an active, current nurse aide certificate.
  •  You must be in good standing on the state’s Nurse Aide Registry.
  • Possess a state certification free from finding of neglect or abuse with the out-of-state registry.
  • If your name is not present in any state registry, you are required to take a 100-hour program program, approved by the Maryland Board.

Procedure to Obtain CNA License in MD

1. Examination

The stepwise process to obtain nurse aide license in Maryland is:

Step 1: Complete the application process:

  • Online
    If you are a first-time nursing assistant, then you can apply online at:
  • Paper Application
    You can request for a license application.

    • If you are an “individual” provide the below-given information:
      • Name of individual
      • Telephone number
      • Address
      • Type of application desired: initial application, endorsement, or renewal
    • If you are an “agency”, include the following information in your request:
      • Agency name
      • Name and title of the contact person
      • Telephone number
      • Address
      • Number of initial CNA applications required
      • Number of endorsement applications required

Send your request using any of the methods:

  • Fax to: 410-764-8042
  • E-mail at:
  • By mail:
    Maryland Board of Nursing
    Nursing Assistant Certification Program
    4140 Patterson Avenue,
    Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Step 2: After the approval of your application and the required documents, you will receive the CNA license within 45 days.

2. Endorsement

The candidates applying for CNA licensure by endorsement in MD need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Request for a nursing assistant paper application (Refer point no. ii of step 1 of procedure to obtain CNA license by examination).
  • Submit the request application:

Transferring CNA License from Maryland to another State

If you hold a nursing assistant license in the state of Maryland and want to transfer it to another state, follow the below-given procedure:

  • Contact that particular state where you intend to transfer your license and request a Verification Form from that state.
  • Inquire if you have to pay any fee to the new state, or if there is an additional application or other documents or forms that you might have to submit to the state.
  • After obtaining the Verification Form from the new state, enter all the requisite details, including your certificate number and name.
  • Send the completed Verification Form and a fee of $25.00 via money order to:Maryland Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program
    4140 Patterson Avenue,
    Baltimore, Maryland 21215
  • The CNA program will complete all the required details of the Verification Form and return it back to the new state.

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Renewal of CNA License in MD

All CNAs can renew their Maryland license 60 days before, and 30 days after their license has expired. The license expires on the 28th day of the individual’s birth month in a period of 2 years. If you are born in an even year, your certificate will expire in an even year, and if you are born in an odd year, it will expire in the odd year.

You cannot renew your license if:

  • You have not renewed your nursing assistant certificate within one year or more since the previous renewal.
  • Your license type begins with ‘AC’ as this type of license is for Advanced Practice nurses holding as RN licensure living in a compact state.
  • Your name is in the Board’s database, but you do not have a Social Security Number (SSN).
  • You have a misdemeanor, felony, or discipline against your nursing aide license since the last renewal.

For more information regarding the renewal process, you can read the instructions from the following link:

Method to Renew

To renew your CNA license, keep the following information / documents handy:

  • Valid e-mail address
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Technician certification number
  • Your name as mentioned in the Board’s database
  • A Visa or MasterCard credit / debit card
  • Your nursing assistant certification number, or nursing license number

You can renew your license online at:

License Lookup / Verification

Use the below link to look for a nursing assistant license:

Note – Use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to view the site optimally.

To search for CNA certificate, enter any one of the following information:

  • Last Name
  • First and Last Name
  • License Number (i.e. R01234)
  • Last Name and License Number


Click on the below link to view the complete fee structure:


Question 1 – I have lost my CNA license which I had received about two months ago. I have not even registered. How can I get a duplicate license?

Answer – In case of lost or misplaced nursing aide license, you are required to complete and submit a “Request of Reprint of Certificate” form, to obtain a new license. You may obtain the form by calling the CNA registry of your respective state and request them to provide you the form, or by accessing and printing the form online.

Question 2 – How do I get a copy of my CNA license?

Answer – To obtain a copy of your CNA certification, contact your state’s nurse aide registry or the organization that issued your license.

Question 3 – How do I find out if my CNA certification has expired?

Answer – In order to find out whether your certification is active or expired, you must access the CNA registry of your state online and go to the certification verification page. Enter all the desired details and the result will be shown with your full name, license number and the status of your license. Or else, you can also call the nurse aide registry to check your license’s status.