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CNA Certification In Texas

Acquiring CNA certification in Texas involves completion of a number of steps. The initial step is to take part in a nurse aide program program approved by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS), which reassess the Nurse Aide Program and Competency Evaluation Programs (NATCEPs) and Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Programs (CEPs). The next step is to pass the state-approved competency exam which is conducted by the Pearson VUE. When the candidates pass program course and exam, their name will be placed in the Texas Nurse Aide Registry, thereby make them eligible to work in the state.

Eligibility Routes for Nurse Aide Certification in TX

If you qualify any of the following eligibility routes, you will be eligible to take the examination for the sake of getting certified as a nursing assistant in TX:

  • New or Retrained Nurse Aide
    • Completed a nurse aide program program approved by the state within the last 2 years.
  • CNAs With Expired StatusIf you have neither rendered nursing-related duties in a health care setting nor completed 24 hours of in-service education during the past 2 years, your license has expired. Your may renew your registration by taking the written or oral and skills examinations. To apply, download the form NAR-5528 from this link:

    You can also call DADS at (512) 438-2050.

Mandatory Documents for Eligibility Routes

If you qualify for any of the above-mentioned eligibility routes, you need to submit the below documents:

  • Completed examination application.
  • If applicable, you must submit the Original Approval Letter issued by DADS.
  • Appropriate fees via certified check, money order, or company check, made payable to the NACES Plus Foundation.

Procedure for Obtaining Nurse Aide Certification in TX by Examination

The steps to obtain nurse aide certification in Texas are as follows:

Step 1 – Download the “Texas Nurse Aide Testing Program – Application for Registration by Examination” using the below link:

Step 2 – Submit the required testing fees:

  • Written Exam and Skills Evaluation (both) – $95
  • Written Exam ONLY (retest) – $25
  • Oral English Exam and Skills Evaluation (both) – $95
  • Oral Spanish Exam ONLY (retest) – $25
  • Oral Spanish Exam and Skills Evaluation (both) – $95
  • Oral English Exam ONLY (retest) – $25
  • Skills Evaluation ONLY (retest) – $70

Step 3 – Choose your eligibility route:

  • New Nurse Aide
  • Out-Of-State Program
  • Military Program
  • RN/LVN Graduate
  • RN/LVN Student
  • Expired Certificate
  • Program Program Closed

Step 4 – Submit your completed application, fees and required documents to:

NACES Plus Foundation, Inc.
8501 North Mopac Expressway, Suite 400
Austin, Texas – 78759

Step 5 – The Authorization to Test will be mailed, permitting you to take the competency test. If you do not receive the notice within 10 working days, call the NACES at (800) 444-5178.

Renewal / Re-Registration of Nurse Aide Certification

All CNA registrations expire in every 2 years after the last date of verified employment or after being added to the state’s registry. To keep your registration updated, you are required to submit an Employment Verification Form to the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, which verifies the completion of 24 hours of in-service education and you have performed services related to nursing against pay. You can obtain the Employment Verification Form NAR-5506 by calling the Texas Nurse Aide Registry at (512) 438-2050 or download it from-

Ask your employer to fill the details and return the completed form to DADS.

If you were neither employed as a CNA in a health care setting or nursing facility for 2 or more consecutive years; nor completed 24 hours of in-service education, you are required to take both the written and skills examination again.

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CNA Search in Texas Nurse Aide Registry

Use the below link to search for a certified nursing assistant in the Texas Nurse Aide Registry:

You may search the state’s registry by name or registration number.

If you are searching by name, you will be required to enter:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Birth Date

If you are searching by registration, you need to enter the following information:

  • Registration Number
  • Social Security Number

Name or Address Change

The certified nurse aide must inform about their address and name change to the Texas Nurse Aide Registry. In order to change your name or address, download the form 5508-NAR from the following link:

Duplicate Wallet Identification Card

In case you have lost your Wallet Identification Card, you may request for a duplicate license in either way:

  • Call the Texas Nurse Aide Registry at (512) 438-2050
  • Download the Form 5508-NAR using the below link:


Question 1 – I haven’t completed my certification yet. Am I entitled to work as a CNA before I am certified?

Answer – If you are presently enrolled in a nurse aide program program approved by the state, you may perform the duties of a nurse aide up to four months in a nursing facility.

Question 2 – Is there any link where I can register for the CNA exam online in TX?

Answer – No. At present, the state doesn’t provide any link to complete online registration. You are required to complete and submit a paper application to NACES.

Question 3 – For how much time my name will be listed on the state’s registry?

Answer – After you complete your certification in the state of Texas, your name will remain active on the list of the Texas Nurse Aide Registry as long as you keep renewing your license every 24 months and stay in good standing.