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CNA Certification In Illinois

The Illinois Department of Public Health regulates the CNA certification in Illinois. It’s compulsory to clear the state mandated certification exam, in order to register your name on the IL nurse aide registry. Once you acquire the license, you must renew it after every 2 years so as to remain an active nursing assistant.

What are the requirements to acquire CNA certification in IL?

The general requirements to obtain CNA license in the state of Illinois include:

  • Completed a CNA Program program approved by the state.
  • Successfully passed a written competency test.
  • Completed a nursing course such as Fundamentals of Nursing, Basics in Nursing, Nursing 101, etc.
    • If an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or an RN (Registered Nurse) is in good standing and hold a valid, current Illinois license, s/he is eligible to work as a CNA without getting their name registered on the Illinois nurse aide registry.
    • If you are an LPN or RN holding a valid, current license from another state, you are not eligible to work as a CNA in the state until the registry verifies that you have met all the program requirements.
    • If you are an LPN or RN holding an inactive license, you are not eligible to work as a CNA until the Illinois registry confirms that you have met all the program requirements.
    • If you are a nursing student and have not completed your LPN or RN program, you can apply for CNA licensure in the state while continuing your schooling. You must:
      • Successfully pass the written competency test.
      • Submit written verification indicating completion of fundamentals of nursing, and a minimum of forty hours of clinical experience in an approved nurse program program.
  • Completed a U.S. military program program which must consist of the coursework of a CNA Program program. You need to:
    • Successfully pass a written competency test.
    • Submit a copy of a certificate or diploma demonstrating confirmation of completing 40 hours of clinical experience; or else, you can also submit Form DD 214 illustrating successful completion of medical service specialist or hospital corpsman or equivalent program.
    • If you are not a U.S. citizen, provide evidence of employment authorization such as Form I-94, Resident Alien Card, Permanent Resident Card, or U.S. Visa.
  • If you had completed program program equivalent to an RN or LPN in other foreign country, and later on, you shifted to the U.S. but has not passed the certification exam, you must meet the following program requirements to work as a CNA in the state:
    • Provide a copy of diploma or other proof of successful completion of the nursing program course translated into English.
    • Submit a copy of all the official transcripts translated in English language, which must demonstrate the number of program hours received for each course.
    • Provide a copy of your social security card.
    • If you are not a citizen of the U.S., submit proof of employment authorization. You may provide your U.S. Visa, Resident Alien Card, Form I-94 or Permanent Resident Card.
    • Passed a written competency test.
  • You must be deemed competent as a CNA in another state’s registry.
    • Provide documentation of current registration from another state, which must verify the completion of all the requirements mentioned in the Code of Federal Regulations (42 CFR, Sections 483.151 and 483.152).
    • There must be no administrative findings of neglect, abuse or misappropriations of property on your own state registry or any other CNA state’s registry.
  • If you were deemed competent for CNA in the past (nurse assistant program program approved by Illinois; foreign LPN/RN; grandfathered in; nursing student; military trained; or out-of-state CNA), but has not offered paid nursing services for 2 years, the official license is lost. You may recertify your license by passing a written competency test and manual skills test.

How to get CNA license in IL?

The stepwise procedure to get certification in Illinois is as follows:

Step 1- Complete the licensure application by downloading it from the below given links:

Step 2 – Mail these respective completed forms to the following address:

Illinois Department of Public Health
Health Care Worker Registry, 525 W. Jefferson
St., Fourth Floor, Springfield, Illinois 62761

Step 3 – After receiving the application and the required documents, the IL Department of Public Health will send a Livescan Request Form via mail.

Step 4 – Use this Livescan Request Form and get your fingerprints collected from any one of the contracted livescan vendors.

Step 5 – If you meet all the requirements for becoming a nursing assistant in the state, an application for the written competency test will be mailed to you and your name will be placed in the state’s registry for CNAs, i.e., Health Care Worker Registry.

Recertification of the CNA License in IL

Certified nurse aides are required to renew their Illinois license every 24 months, in order to continue their nursing practice. If you have renewed your certificate before or by the due date, you need not to retake the exam. On the other hand, if you do not renew your license on time, it will get expired. In this case, you are supposed to undergo program and take the certification exam again.

Requirements to be Fulfilled for CNA License Renewal

  • Submit all the essential documents.
  • Submit the requisite fees.

CNA License Lookup/Verification in IL

Use the following link to search for your Illinois license:

You are required to enter the following information to complete the search process:

  • Last name
  • First name, and
  • Middle name

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Question 1 – I haven’t worked as a nurse aide from the past 2 years. Do I have to take the nursing assistant program again?

Answer – If you have no findings of neglect, abuse or theft, and you have not worked in the nursing related services for 2 consecutive years or more, you may re-certify either by testing only or by reprogram and testing. You must contact the Illinois Department of Public Health for more information on re-certification.

Question 2 When will I receive my CNA license and where can I find my license number?

Answer – The Illinois Department of Public Health does not issue any kind of card, license, or credential for CNAs. The nurse aide license number/registry number is the CNA’s social security number. The test result information will be available on the Illinois Department of Public Health, Health Care Worker Registry in approximately 3 weeks.

Question 3 – I have a conviction on my profile. Am I eligible to take the certification test and get my name listed as a registered CNA?

Answer – For any queries related to criminal background, you must contact the Registry staff via email – or at 217-785-5133.