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Career Advancement Options for CNAs

Certified nursing assistant provides vast opportunities for growth. It is an entry level profession that merely requires a school diploma and completion of short term program program. Career advancement is important after a certain period of time as working at same level for a longer period leads to saturation and dissatisfaction. There are a number of courses and programs available for CNA’s. In this article, career advancement options for certified nursing assistant have been discussed.

Career Paths for Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Registered Nurse/RN The post of an RN is generally chosen by most of the CNAs. It not only brings responsibilities but involves hefty paychecks. There are several CNA to RN programs that support the nursing assistants to advance their career.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse / LPN’s There is huge importance and recognition of the experience that a CNA gains by working in a healthcare facility. To become a Licensed practical nurse, you need an associate degree or bachelor’s degree. For getting admission into such programs, you need to prove that you are certified nurse assistant and have a license.
  • Nursing Home Administrator People with strong academic background and good communication skills can undergo specific career ladder programs and become nursing home administrators. Holding a bachelor’s degree in nursing is a prerequisite for this post. However, some states appoint RNs with an associate degree. The pay scale of nursing home administrators is higher than that of CNAs, RNs, and LPNs. Besides, it offers administrative duties.
  • Geriatric Care Manager GCM is a specialist of health and human services who provide guidance to the families’ of elderly people. The post of geriatric care manager requires higher experience and qualification than other job positions. These personnel work with elderly people and stay at the patient’s home till the entire treatment lasts. They also work with established companies. Some states require nursing assistants to undergo additional courses to become geriatric care manager.

Other career advancement options include becoming a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. One with an interest in teaching can work in CNA Program schools. By continuing education in the nursing field and gaining additional certifications, these posts can be easily acquired by nursing aspirants.