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CNA Certification In Alabama

The Alabama Department of Public Health regulates the whole procedure of CNA certification in Alabama. Aspirants have the opportunities to work at different locations with different employers which include clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, dental offices, and many more, once they obtain the license. To work as a nurse aide in AL, you must qualify the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) exam after completing the program.

Requirements to Obtain CNA Certification in AL

The aspirants must fulfill the below-given eligibility criteria to get certified:

  • The candidate must attain the age of 18 years.
  • Complete CNA Program of requisite hours.
  • Provide an official transcript to the licensing staff demonstrating your college curriculum.
  • The student must exhibit the successful completion of the fundamental courses necessary to understand the basic biological knowledge of the human body.
  • Complete criminal background check. For this, you will be required to provide your fingerprints to the licensing authority.
  • The student must not be found neglected or abused on the local, state or any other CNA registry.
  • Pass the licensing theory and manual test conducted by the CNA licensing authority. The student may take the test at any official test centers.
  • Applicants must be able to converse in and understand English.  

In short, you need the following documents for certification:

  • Current background check
  • Two fingerprint cards
  • Photo ID
  • Two photos (passport size)
  • A negative TB test done within a period of past 6 months
  • Proof of immunizations

How to get a CNA license?

Follow the below provided steps to obtain CNA license in AL:

Step 1: The initial step is to register for a nursing assistant program. You can enroll yourself in any vocational school, high school, two-year community college or technical college. You can also go for on-the-job programs that are offered by some senior facilities and hospitals, where you can complete your program while working.

Step 2: Complete the nursing assistant program. There are a number of programs that can be completed within a few weeks or months. You must complete at least 75 clock hours, but a few courses include extra curricula that can be useful, after completion of your graduate program.

Step 3: After completing graduation, try to take your certification exam. The test consists of 55-70 multiple-choice questions along with a clinical exam. You will be required to demonstrate that you have become a master at the practical aspect, to become a CNA.

You can download the application form for the registration by examination using the following link:

Step 6: Take and pass the CNA exam with the required minimum scores.

Step 7: Acquire your state license. This generally varies from one state to another, but having an active license is a must, in order to carry out your work. If you have taken any on-the-job program program, then you must obtain your certification within a grace period.

Reciprocity – Transferring Your Certification to the Alabama CNA Registry from another State

For transferring your nursing assistant license from any other state to Alabama, apply for a job at any nursing home. When a company hires you, thereafter you can easily transfer your registry to this state. All you need to have is an active license in your original state from where you are transferring your registry. Besides, you must be free from all the abuses.

If you don’t want to work in a nursing home and wish to render your services to home health care facilities, you will not be able to transfer your certificate to this state.

The other alternative that you can resort to is take an approved CNA program along with clinical test, and pass both the written and skills state/federal tests in AL.

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Renewal of Alabama CNA License

The certified nursing assistants are required to recertify their license after every two years from the last date of its renewal. In case of a fresher, it is applicable from the day when the certification exam was cleared successfully. Nurse Aide Registry will inform you about the expiration of your nursing license a few weeks before the expiration date.

It is mandatory for every nurse to work for at least 40 hours in this duration, in order to become eligible for the renewal of CNA certification; otherwise, they will have to take the whole program program again. During the time duration of 2 years, the nurse aide can work in the nursing home, home health agency, mental health facility, hospitals and hospice agency.

CNA License Verification in AL

To verify the status of a nurse aide license in AL, click on the following link:

Once you enter the Social Security Number, the system will access the registry records and after every look-up, give you the detailed information regarding the presence of an individual’s name on the Nurse Aide Registry. You may also take out the printed verification using the above link.

Lapsed Certification

Generally, nurse aide license becomes invalid after every 2 years. Thus, maintaining a personal record of all the past works is of extreme importance that needs to be validated by your prospective employer.

Re – Certification

In order to keep the CNA license active, all the certified nursing assistants on the Alabama Nurse Aide Registry are required to renew their license through the Alabama Department of Public Health. Applicants must work for a minimum of 8 hours every 24 months in a hospital, mental health facility, nursing home, hospice agency, or home health agency, for paid compensation. All the work that is done as private practice or volunteer or as a part of assisted living facilities and doctor’s office will not be counted.


Question 1- How can I get my CNA certification online?

Answer – First access the CNA registry page of Alabama and then select the certification verification page. Enter all the required information correctly and submit it. The number and status of the license will be displayed.

Question 2- How can I reactivate my Alabama license if I do not have work experience as a CNA of more than 24 months?

Answer – In order to be eligible to work in a nursing home, you will have to retake the program and exam.

Question 3- If my name is changed due to marriage or any other reason, how will I update it in the Alabama Nurse Aide Registry listing?

Answer – In case of the name change, you will be required to send a copy of your new Social Security card along with your picture ID (for instance your driving license) to the following address:

Alabama Certified Nurse Aide Registry
Alabama Department of Public Health
Division of Health Care Facilities
The RSA Tower, Suite 710
201 Monroe Street
Montgomery, Alabama – 36104