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CNA Recertification – Important Guidelines and Procedure

It is compulsory for all the CNAs to renew their nurse aide certificate after a fixed period, in order to keep the license active and continue working as a nursing assistant. This renewal of CNA certificate after specified time duration is known as CNA recertification. Nursing boards of the respective states or the licensing authority regulate the recertification procedure. In this article, you will know about when to renew the nurse aide certificate, what happens if you don’t renew it after a fixed time, and requirements for CNA recertification.

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What Happens If You Don’t Renew Your CNA License?

You will have to pay the delinquency fee if you don’t renew the nurse aide certificate before it expires. If your CNA license has been expired for a long time, you need to take certification exam again despite continuous employment to renew it. You are supposed to pay examination, application and background check fees again, if you get new license. Obtaining a new certificate takes longer time than renewing an old license.

Requirements for CNA Renewal/Recertification

  • Most states require you to renew your licence after every two years. Check the expiration date of your nurse aide certificate when you receive it. If you have no idea about the expiry date of your certificate, you can check the nursing board website of your state to get details about your certificate verification and expiration.
  • You need to work as a nursing assistant for particular number of hours per year as specified by the state nursing board, to get your license renewed.
  • You must be a US citizen (submit a proof of it).
  • A CNA must have a clean background. If a nurse aide has any criminal conviction against her/him, s/he has to submit an appropriate declaration of the criminal act charges. The name of nursing assistant will be removed from nurse aide registry of the state, if he/she doesn’t inform the nursing board about the criminal convictions or allegation during the background check.
  • The status of your CNA license may change to inactive (null or void), if you don’t work as a nursing assistant continuously. In this case, you should-
  • Reapply for a new certified nursing assistant license.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Take the state certification exam again to demonstrate your current knowledge.
  • Complete the minimum number of continued education hours required by your state prior to recertification.

Note – You may be required to retake the nurse aide program, if you don’t take the minimum hours of continued education and fail to qualify the certification exam of the state.

CNA Recertification/Renewal Procedure

Renewal of nurse aide certificate is a step-by-step process which is described below:-

Step 1 – Find out the Prerequisites

You must find out the prerequisites for renewal or recertification in the state where you are working currently. If you want to shift in another state, you are required to find out requirements of recertification of that state as every state has different requirements.  Most of the states require that the certificate must be renewed after every two years but other states have different time requirements. If you exceed the allocated time frame, you will have to pay penalties to get recertified.

Step 2 – Obtain the Renewal Form

You are required to submit the duly filled renewal form to the nurse aide registry of the state. You will get this recertification request form 4 months before your certificate is due to expire. This form will be sent by the CNA registry to the address mentioned in the registry, so you should notify the registry in case of any change in your address. You must contact the nurse aide registry directly, in case, you don’t get any form within three or four months before the certificate expires. The recertification process starts after the submission of this duly filled form.

Step 3 – Routine Background Check

After receiving your renewal form, the CNA registry of the state conducts an exam to check your background. You are required to report the registry if you are suspected of any criminal act. Any legal difficulties and felony charges against you may hamper your recertification process.  If you have a clear background, then the renewal process will be completed easily.

Step 4 – Verification of Continuing Education

You are required to take additional program or complete continuing education, in order to renew the certification. You have to submit a document or proof of completion of additional program of specified hours.

Step 5 – Check Your Renewal Status

You can check your status of recertification or renewal online. It takes fifteen days in the processing of renewal request.