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10 Reasons Why to Choose CNA as a Career

A student would always go for a profession that is always in demand and provides him with multiple career alternatives. A career in the field of nursing can prove to be lucrative and has ample growth opportunities. Here are 10 reasons why one should choose CNA as a career.

1. Increasing Demand and Growth Options

Opening of new healthcare facilities everyday and rise in the population of elderly people have lead to increased demand for CNA professionals. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, US, there will be 21 percent rise in the employment opportunities for nursing assistants by 2022.

2. Several Working Alternatives

As a certified nurse aide, you will have several working options like hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, community centres, rehabilitation centres, hospice and long-term health care centres. As per your convenience, you may choose to work in any healthcare facility of your choice.

3. Remuneration

The annual salary of a CNA professional was reported to be $26,020 per annum by the BLS (in May 2013). They earned hourly wages of $12.51. A nurse aide is also eligible for other benefits like paid leaves, medical insurance, and financial aid like grants or scholarships for continuing higher education, reimbursement of tuition fee, sick leaves, vacations, and good overtime.

4. Serving the Society

For those who are concerned about elderly, sick and disabled people, this is a rewarding profession as it gives you mental satisfaction after the day’s job.

5. Affordable Program

Though CNA coursework is not that cheap, and you need to shell out a huge amount from your pocket for the program. But, there are several ways to get financial aid. Online program, grants and scholarships are some options through which you can cover the cost of your nurse aide program.

6. Job Security

Despite economic fluctuations, the demand for CNAs never goes down, so you do not have to worry about losing your job. Certain healthcare facilities reimburse your program fee if you agree to work with them after your program gets over. Thus, you become assured of getting a job just after completing your program.

7. Job Flexibility

You have the option of working in shifts, full-time or on an hourly basis.

8. Knowledge and Experience

Doing a CNA course is like a stepping stone for other advanced careers. After gaining some experience, you become eligible for attaining the positions of licensed practical nurse or registered nurse.

9. Integral Part of Health Industry

CNAs are an essential part of the nursing industry. They serve as the coordinators between the doctors and the patients. They are the people with whom a patient interacts and shares their personal problems, views, etc.

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10. Good Career Without Earning a Degree

Just a high school diploma / GED or equivalent degree is enough to become a CNA. Duration of the course is just 75 hours in most of the states, which implies that you can become a nurse aide in very short span of time.

Thus, if you want to be in the medical profession and serve the society then this job is meant for you.