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CNA Certification In Tennessee

As the need of certified nursing assistants in the United States is increasing, it will certainly be a wise choice to choose it as career option. Initially applicants are required to complete a CNA Program course approved by the Tennessee Department of Health. Another mandatory requirement to obtain CNA certification in Tennessee is to pass a nursing competency examination. When all the necessary requisites are met, the candidate becomes qualified for inclusion on the Tennessee Nursing Aide Registry and in a retirement community, hospital, or other medical establishments.

Requirements to Obtain CNA Certification in TN

To get listed on the TN Nurse Aide Registry, applicants are required to fulfill the below given requisites:

  • Undertake a nursing assistant program program approved by the state.
  • Take the state competency examination within 2 years from completion of the program course.
  • If you are currently enrolled in an RN or LPN program, you may request to challenge the test by submitting all the original education transcripts verifying the successful completion of the basic skills and nursing fundamentals that are included in a nurse aide program program.
  • If you are military trained as a medic, you may also apply to challenge the test by submitting a photocopy of the DD-214.

Requirements to Obtain CNA Certification by Reciprocity

If your name is presently listed on another state’s nurse aide registry with no derogatory or abuse information, then you may request to have your certification transferred to Tennessee. You must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Hold an active certification in your original state of licensure.
  • Complete the verification of “Out-of-State Nurse Aide Registration Application”.
  • Complete all the requested information required in Part-I of the endorsement application.
  • Submit a copy of your social security card.
  • Provide an identification proof. You may submit any of the following document as a proof:
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport, or
  • Photo ID

The reciprocity of CNA license in Tennessee is accepted by all the states except Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina. If you are living in Georgia, you need to submit verification of your status and apply to challenge the test. If you are living in North Carolina or Florida, you must retrain and retest in the state of Tennessee to become certified as a nursing assistant.

Procedure of Acquiring CNA Licensure by Examination

If you are applying for an initial application in the state of TN, follow the below procedure:

Procedure of Obtaining Nurse Aide Certification for Out -of -State Candidates

All candidates who hold CNA license in other U.S. state must follow the below given steps:

Step 1 – Download the out-of-state nurse aide registration application from the following link:

Step 2 – Complete Part – I of the application and forward it to the state of original licensure. Request them to complete Part – II of the application.

Return the completed application along with the required documents to:

State of Tennessee
Department of Health
Division of Health Licensure & Regulation
Office of Health Care Facilities
665 Mainstream Drive, Second Floor
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

Step 3 – If you are eligible to be placed in the Nurse Aide Registry, a placement notification will be mailed to you.

Nursing Aide License Renewal

In order to continue working as a nurse aide in TN without any hindrance, you are required to renew your license biennially, i.e., after every 2 years. They must submit work verification of at least an 8-hour shift within the last 2 years in a facility certified or licensed by the Division of Health Care Facilities.

Note If you are working in companion services, private duty services, private physician’s offices or as a sitter, you are not accepted for renewal.

You cannot renew your license before one month of the expiry date of your certificate. The employment proof must either be in the form of a payroll printout; pay stub; or notarized attestation form. If you are providing payroll printout or pay stub, don’t forget to include your place of employment and the social security number. While providing notarized attestation form, the application must be notarized by the facility where you have worked, and must also include the below details:

  • Individual’s name.
  • Social security number.
  • Date when the individual worked for 8 hours.
  • Name and title of the person verifying this information.

If your license expires and remains expired for more than 24 months, or if you have not worked in the 2 years certification period, you need to retrain and retest to get your name listed on the Nurse Aide Registry.

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CNA License Verification in TN

Click on the below link to search for licensure in the state of Tennessee:

You will be required to enter the following information to complete the search process:

  • Name
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
  • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
  • Professional Information
    • Profession
    • License

Name and Address Change

Keeping the name and address up-to-date on the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry is mandatory and is required by the federal and state regulations. To update name and address, a written application must be provided by the certified nursing assistants.

For name change, the applicants are required to provide the following documents:

  • Legal document verifying name change. You may provide:
    • Marriage certificate, or
    • Divorce certificate, or
    • Other court order
  • Social Security Number
  • Current name

For address change, the applicants need to include the below details in their application:

  • Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Old address
  • New address


Question 1 – What is the procedure to renew my TN CNA license?

Answer – All CNAs need to re-certify their Tennessee license every two years and provide employment verification of at least one 8-hour shift within the past 2 years in a certified facility. For any other queries, you may contact the Nurse Aide Registry at 615-532-5171 or 800-778-4504.

Question 2 – Is there any percentage score I need to pass the test?

Answer – Yes. All applicants are required to score at least 75 percent to pass the written test and a minimum of 80 percent on each skill task.

Question 3 – I hold a current license in another U.S. state and want to transfer it to the Tennessee state. What is the procedure?

Answer – You must contact the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry at 614-741-7173 or 800-778-4504 to see whether you are eligible for reciprocity or not.