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CNA Certification In Virginia

Acquiring CNA certification in Virginia is a simple process. The state requires all the aspiring candidates to meet the requirements for enrollment as laid by the Commonwealth and the Virginia Board of Nursing. The same group reviews and approves the state’s programs, and works with the Pearson VUE to conduct the NNAAP exam. Applicants, who qualify the examination, get listed on the Virginia Nurse Aide Registry.

Eligibility Routes for Obtaining Nurse Aide Certification in VA

You may obtain certification as a certified nursing assistant if you meet the requirements of any one of the following eligibility routes:

    • New Nurse AideThe following candidates can apply under this route:
      • First Time Test Taker
      • Previously Failed All or Part of the NNAAP Examination

The requirements include:

    • Completed a nurse aide education program (1982 or afterward), which must be approved by the state.
    • You have never been certified as a CNA in Virginia.
    • Submit a copy of a certificate of program completion; or else, provide an original letter from the program coordinator of your nurse aide education program on a letterhead accepted by the Virginia Board of Nursing.
  • Nursing StudentIf you are presently registered in a nursing education program program for practical nurse licensure or registered nurse, you need to submit the following documents along with your application:
    • An original letter provided by the program director written on the letterhead, verifying your enrollment and completion of a minimum of 1 clinical course in the nursing program, which must include 40 hours of clinical experience related to direct client care.
  • Nursing GraduateIf you have completed a nursing education program program for practical nurse licensure or registered nurse, you need to submit an original or certified true copy of the school transcript, in English, verifying the completion of a nursing program.
  • Lapsed Certificate HolderIf you were previously certified in the state as a CNA but your certification has expired, you need to submit a renewal or reinstatement application.
  • EndorsementIf your name is currently listed on the nurse aide registry of another state, and you want to transfer your license to Virginia, you may not require to test. You need to submit verification from your original state of licensure, confirming that you are a nurse aide and meet all the requirements mandatory for initial certification in Virginia.

Procedure to Obtain CNA Certification in VA

Follow the below given step-by-step process to obtain certification in the state of Virginia:

Step 1 – Download the “Application for Certification by Examination” using the following link:

Step 2 – To take the certification exam, choose any one of the following eligibility routes:

  • New Nurse Aide
  • Nursing Student
  • Nursing Graduate
  • Lapsed Certificate Holder

Step 3 – Attach Pearson VUE voucher or a company check, certified check, or money order made payable to the NACES.

Step 4 – Return the completed application, fees and program program information to:

NACES Plus Foundation, Inc.
8501 North Mopac Expressway, Suite 400
Austin, Texas 78759

Step 5 – A yellow confirmation card (Authorization to Test) will be mailed to you after the NACES receives your completed application.

Step 6 – In case you do not receive the card within 10 business days, call NACES at (800) 758-6028.

Transferring CNA License from Another State to Virginia

If you are transferring from another state to Virginia, you must complete endorsement application online at:

If you cannot complete your application online, you may call the Board office at (804) 367-4569 and request to mail the application.

Moving from Virginia to another State

If you wish to transfer your Virginia license to another state, you need to contact the Board of Nursing or Department of Health of that state and find out the state requirements.

Renew Virginia License

Your initial CNA license is valid only for 1 year. Generally, renewal notice is mailed to the candidates at least 30 days before the license expiry date, on the last address present in the records of the Nurse Aide Registry / Board of Nursing.

Requirements to Get Your License Renewed

In order to renew your license, you must work as a paid CNA performing 49 activities related to nursing within the past 2 years. If you are unable to verify this work requirement, you will need to take the CNA exam again to show continued competency.

CNA Certification Renewal Method

To renew your Virginia license, click the below link:

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Reinstatement of Nurse Aide Certification

If your name was previously listed on the Virginia Board of Nursing Registry, but your license has lapsed for over 90 days, you need to submit a reinstatement application along with the required fees to the Board of Nursing. After submission, the Board will decide if you are required to take the NNAAP examination to show proficiency for reinstatement.

Use the following link to download the reinstatement application:

After opening the above link, select the profession – “Certified Nurse Aide”. Next, click on “CNA Reinstatement Application and Instructions”. The form will be directly downloaded on your computer. Or else, you can also call the Board office at (804) 367-4569 to obtain the reinstatement application.

Name or Address Change

It is the responsibility of a nurse aide to inform the Virginia Board of Nursing of name or address change. You must update any change in your name or address within 30 days, in order to receive the renewal notification or any other letters from the Board.

You may use any of the following ways to change your address:

  • Submit a separate letter to the Virginia Nurse Aide Registry / Board of Nursing. You must mention both the old and the updated information in the letter, including your:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone number, and
    • Social Security or certificate number

    If you are requesting a name change, you must submit a copy of divorce decree, marriage certificate, or other court order, verifying the change.

Duplicate Certificate

If you have lost your nurse aide certificate, you are required to submit a written request for a new license copy from the Virginia Board of Nursing. You must include your social security number or nurse aide certificate number in the written request. No fee is charged by the state for issuing a duplicate CNA certificate.

License Look Up

Use the following link to search your CNA licensure in VA:

You may look for your license in any of the following ways:

  • Search by license number
  • Search by last name and last 4 digits of social security number
  • Or else, you can also search by occupation, business name or person first name, last name, state, zip, and status


Question 1 – How can I pay my CNA certification exam fees? Can it be paid at the test center?

Answer – You may submit the application fees in the form of company check, certified check, money order, or Pearson VUE check. Submit the fee along with the application to the NACES before scheduling an exam. You cannot pay the fees at the test site.

Question 2 – I have not completed my certification. Am I eligible to perform the duties of a nurse aide?

Answer – If you are presently enrolled in a CNA Program course in a nursing home approved by the state, you can complete the program and get certified in 120 days. Throughout the program period, you cannot carry out any duty.