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American Red Cross CNA Program & Certification Program

Red Cross institutions are one of the best CNA Program providers across the USA. Red Cross has its centers in 36 states of the USA. Although the program duration differs in each state, but the course curriculum remains the same. These organizations have established standard by providing program from the past 20 years. Both online, as well as regular courses are offered by the Red Cross program institutes. Students who pass out from Red Cross can work in any state of the USA. As these are government recognized institutes, they are cost- effective and offer quality education.

How Red Cross CNA Program Programs are Different from Other CNA Programs?

The CNA Program provided by the American Red Cross programs is different from the nurse aide programs conducted by various other institutes in the following ways:

  • American Red Cross provides financial aid like scholarship or grants to the financially weak candidates.
  • The instructors who provide program are experienced professionals.
  • The program fee charged by the Red Cross institutions is very less; thus, the program is very cost-effective.
  • One has better job prospects, if s/he completes CNA Program from one of the American Red Cross centers.
  • The locations are easily accessible.
  • American Red Cross centers also provide placement assistance.
  • The coursework is of short duration and gets completed within 4-8 weeks.
  • You have the option of pursuing these programs online or offline too.

Requisites for Enrolling in the American Red Cross

Aspirants must fulfill these basic requirements for enrolling in the American Red Cross for CNA Program:

  • The candidate must have attained the age of 18 years.
  • In case of a female candidate, she must not be pregnant.
  • Aspirants must not be suffering from any contagious disease.
  • The applicant must not be a convict of any felony and his/her background must be clear.
  • You must attend the orientation session conducted by the center.
  • Verification of GED or high school diploma.
  • Complete Red Cross TB test/physical form.

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Syllabus of the Red Cross CNA Program Program

The CNA Program program is composed of two parts – classroom instruction and practical program. The following topics are taught in the classes:

  • Measuring and recording the vital signs, like the blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, blood sugar, etc.
  • Monitoring the changes in the medical condition of the patient
  • General hygiene of the patient and his surroundings
  • Nutritional requirements of the patient
  • Administration of medication
  • Usage of medical equipments
  • the art of care giving
  • Bathing, feeding, grooming, dressing up and exercising of the patient
  • Moving, lifting and shifting the patient from the bed to wheelchair, and vice versa

Registration Process

Follow the given instructions to get yourself enrolled in the American Red Cross center:

Step 1 – Look for Red Cross chapter in your area. For this purpose, you can seek help of the official website or the Nurse Aide Registry.

Step 2 – Call on the contact numbers given on the website. The representative of the program will let you know about the fees, duration, curriculum and all other relevant information associated with the program.

Step 3 – Download all the required forms (self-assessment health form, background information disclosure form, application form) from the website.

Step 4 – Fill all the forms completely and submit them to appear for the entrance exam.

Step 5 – Clear the entrance test.

Attendance Requirements

You must complete the requisite number of CNA Program hours, which varies according to the state. After the program finishes, you will receive a card of completion from the American Red Cross. It will make you eligible for taking the nurse aide competency exam.