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How to Find Grants for CNA Program?

CNA programs are offered by many program schools certified and authorized by the state. To go through the program program and complete the certification process, you may have to pay between $800 and $25,000 as tuition fee. Apart from this, the candidates will also have to spend a particular amount for enrollment, buying the equipments they need for program, study materials and more. All aspirants can’t afford the cost of CNA Program. In such a case, they can look for grants and scholarships to support their program.

Ways to Find Grants to Cover Your Program Cost

1. Look for Federal Funding Options

The nursing assistant programs offered by the federal government are the best options for CNAs who are looking for financial aid to cover the expenses of the program. You must check with the state’s DOL (Department of Labor) or Health Departments to determine if any federal grant is available. Some grant programs are meant for single parents, women, minorities and other specific groups.

Apart from grants, the federal government also offers subsidized loans for the CNA aspirants. These loans are free of interest rate, and the students can easily repay the loan in monthly EMIs after they complete their program. The government also offers certain non-subsidized loans for nurse aide program. These loans will have very minimum interest rate and easy repayment terms with extended repayment options.

2. Programs that Repay Your Program Expenses

Check with the certified nursing program school where you have enrolled. Get in touch with the financial department of the school to know if they provide funds for your education and the eligibility criteria to obtain these funds.

3. Organizations that Reimburse the Cost of CNA Program

Since nursing assistants are highly demand, several organizations (especially those which focus on elderly people) may sponsor your program. The students can contact the YMCA/YWCA associations of their state to get back the entire cost of the nurse aide program.

After obtaining the certificate, if you get employed with Medicaid or Medicare facilities, then your whole CNA education cost will be reimbursed by the facility.

The aspirants can also research online about the CNA Program grants offered by many leading hospitals and day-care centers as a part of their CSR activity.

Job Corps also offer free nursing assistant program to the aspiring candidates. You can have the opportunity to earn while undertaking program from the Job Corps-sponsored programs. This organization also provides you placement assistance after completion of the coursework.

4. WIA (Workforce Investment Act)

If you are an unemployed adult or a single teenage mother, you can get free program under WIA Act. The WIA provides funds to vocational schools and community colleges to conduct CNA Program programs.

5. Potential Employers

If you are currently employed as a non-certified professional with a medical facility, you can express your desire to get trained as a CNA to your employer. The employer may bear the cost of your education, if you sign an agreement to work with the facility for a specified time period after the completion of program.