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What Factors Affect CNA Salary?

The salary of the nurse aides is affected by a number of factors. It includes the health-care facility in which a nurse is employed, the years of experience in this profession, and the state and city in which s/he lives. In order to maintain the finances, it is important to consider these majors. Besides aspects mentioned above, performance in the interview or practical exam, ability to negotiate also decides the salary figures of an employee. Go through this article to find out the factors that may affect the CNA salary.

Factors affecting Certified Nurse Assistant Salary

1. Working State – The salary that a CNA receives vary extensively in different states and cities. As per the survey conducted by US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Alaska, New York, Nevada, Connecticut and Massachusetts are the top paying states, as of May 2013. Besides, metro cities offer hefty packages than rural areas.

2. Employer – Employer or the health-care facility – which you are working with – is the major factor in calculating the CNA salary. If you don’t select the organization with caution, you may end up in getting lesser salary than you deserve. Generally, nursing homes offer lower pay as compared to hospitals. However, hospitals provide more responsibilities and variety of work as compared to nursing homes.

3. Job Experience – A fresher earns lower income than an experienced nurse. The years experience in the medical field can raise the salary figures. Employee can ask for a higher pay scale according to his/her previous designation and work experience in that particular field.

4. Negotiation – Although CNA is an entry level job, and salary is defined according to industry standards, it is still important to negotiate for a good starting salary. After completion of an advanced nursing course you can talk to your employer about appraisal.