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CNA Certification In Washington

Acquire CNA certification in Washington to enhance your career in the field of nursing. Washington State Department of Health is the authority which is responsible for administering the entire certification procedure in Washington. If you meet all the federal requirements to offer the best care to the patients, your name will be registered in the Washington Nurse Aide Registry. It’s important to keep your nursing assistant license in the “active” status if you want to continue in this field of nursing for a longer time. The employers also check the license status of the employees before hiring them.

Requirements to Obtain CNA License in Washington

1. Examination

All aspirants must meet the following eligibility requirements to procure CNA license in the state:

  • Provide statement concerning:
    • Felony convictions.
    • Mental and physical health status.
    • Lack of impairment because of substance abuse/chemical dependency.
    • Loss or limitations of privileges.
    • History of loss of certification, license or registration.
    • Professional liability claims history.
    • Disciplinary actions.
  • Provide a SSN (Social Security Number) along with your application.
  • Submit the required fee along with the application.
  • Complete seven hours program in HIV/AIDS.

2. Endorsement

Applicants holding CNA licensure in another state may apply for a Washington nurse aide license by endorsement. The requirements are same as mentioned above (Refer point number I-IV of Requirements of Nursing Aide License in Washingtonby Examination). In addition, you also need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Successfully pass the competency exam.
  • Provide program certificate verifying successful completion of at least 85 hours of program program approved by the state. If you are currently pursuing an LPN or RN program, then also you will be considered eligible.
  • Provide your employment details which include professional program and experience.
  • Provide verification of placement on a state OBRA registry.Note – You are required to submit a verification form that must be completed and submitted by the jurisdiction where you are or were credentialed. Provide the form to the respective jurisdiction and request them to send it directly to the department after completion.

Procedure to Obtain CNA Licensure by Examination

The applicants who wish to acquire CNA license by examination must follow the below steps:

Step 1: Use any of the following methods to complete the examination application:

Step 2: Submit your completed application along with documentation and fee (in the form of money order or check) to:

Department of Health
PO Box 1099
Olympia, Washington 98507-1099

Send all the other remaining documents that you didn’t submit with initial application to:

Nursing Assistant Credentialing
PO Box 47877
Olympia, Washington 98504-7877

Step 3: After your application is submitted, the credentialing staff will review your application and the supporting documents to check your eligibility.

Step 4: The supervisors will give a “red flag” if they don’t have positive answers to personal data question. However, if they find positive answers, the application will be approved from their side.

Step 5: If your application gets a “red flag”, it will be forwarded to the exception application process so that the matter can be resolved by the appropriate disciplining authority.

Step 6: If your application is approved, your name will be placed in the Washington Nurse Aide Registry. Else, you will be formally informed of a denial and you will have the opportunity for a hearing.

Procedure to Obtain CNA License by Endorsement

The procedure to get licensure in the state of Washington is given below:

Expired Nursing Assistant Registered

Use the following link to activate your expired nursing assistant certification:

Verification of CNA License (Provider Credential Search)

Click on the below link to verify your CNA license:

Renewal of CNA License

All CNAs need to renew their nursing aide license annually, or before their birthday. As such, there are no continuing education requirements necessitated by the state.

Methods of Renewal

Application Status

You may check the status of your CNA license using the following link:


Get the details of fee structure using the following link-

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Question 1 – My name is present on the OBRA registry. Do I still need a license in Washington State?

Answer – The OBRA registry is just an initial step required to complete the certification process. You must have a CNA license in Washington to continue working in the state.

Question 2 – It’s been three years or more that my license has been inactive. When can I retrain and re-test?

Answer – You can retrain and re-test at any time after your CNA licensure has been lapsed for 3 years or more with a condition that you are current on the OBRA registry in another state. If you are current in another state, you are required to provide evidence of license verification from the other state and complete the reactivation application form.

Question 3 – Do I need to maintain my registration after being certified as a nursing assistant?

Answer – No. Your certification will replace the registration.