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CNA Salary In Massachusetts

In United States, the number of people choosing their career in the healthcare field is increasing day by day. Massachusetts ranks fifth among the top paying states in the USA for this profession. The figures provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 39,100 nursing assistants were employed in the state, as on May 2018. The mean annual and hourly salary was recorded to be $33,630 and $16.17 respectively. As per the data provided by, the average hourly income, as of November 20, 2019, was $15.31. The employment per 1000 jobs was 10.948. The average CNA income for job postings was 17% higher in Massachusetts than CNA salaries throughout the nation.

Annual CNA Salary in MA on Different Percentile Brackets

The below table reveals the salary of a nursing assistant in the state of MA based on varied percentile brackets:

Percentile BracketAnnual Wages

Source – BLS (as of May 2018)

  • 90% of CNAs made less than $42,480; 10% made more than $42,480.
  • 75% of certified nurse assistants offered less than $37,590; the remaining 25% were paid more than $37,590.
  • 50% of the employees were waged less than $32,310; the rest 50% were provided more than $32,310.
  • 25% of CNAs were paid annual wages less than $28,480; 75% received more than $28,480.
  • 10% of employees were salaried less than $26,170; 90% were salaried more than $26,170.
Annual Salary on different Percentile Brackets in MA

Salary as per Geographical Location

Geographical location is considered a prime factor when it comes to deciding the salary of a nursing assistant. As per the following table, it is clear that Arlington, Boston, Brockton, Brookline, Cambridge, Lynn, Malden, Medford, Newton, Quincy, Revere, Somerville and Waltham were the highest paying cities of MA (as of October 30, 2019). Pittsfield was the lowest paying city. The following table shows the average yearly salaries of CNAs and connected professions in different cities of Massachusetts.

Name of the CityAverage Annual Salary: Certified Nursing AssistantAverage Annual Salary: Nursing AssistantAverage Annual Salary: CNA – Nursing HomeAverage Annual Salary: CNA Hospice
Arlington, MA$35,898$34,443$31,269$36,888
Attleboro, MA$33,681$32,316$29,338$34,610
Barnstable, MA$33,539$32,180$29,214$34,464
Boston, MA$35,898$34,443$31,269$36,888
Brockton, MA$34,444$33,049$30,003$35,395
Brookline, MA$35,898$34,443$31,269$36,888
Cambridge, MA$35,898$34,443$31,269$36,888
Chicopee, MA$33,236$31,889$28,950$34,153
Fall River, MA$33,522$32,164$29,199$34,447
Fitchburg, MA$33,991$32,613$29,608$34,928
Framingham, MA$34,599$33,197$30,137$35,553
Haverhill, MA$33,713$32,347$29,366$34,643
Holyoke, MA$33,236$31,889$28,950$34,153
Hyannis, MA$33,417$32,063$29,108$34,340
Lawrence, MA$33,713$32,347$29,366$34,643
Leominster, MA$33,416$32,062$29,107$34,338
Lowell, MA$34,667$33,262$30,197$35,624
Lynn, MA$35,898$34,443$31,269$36,888
Malden, MA$35,898$34,443$31,269$36,888
Medford, MA$35,898$34,443$31,269$36,888
Methuen, MA$33,713$32,347$29,366$34,643
New Bedford, MA$33,522$32,164$29,199$34,447
Newton, MA$35,898$34,443$31,269$36,888
Peabody, MA$35,856$34,403$31,232$36,845
Pittsfield, MA$32,399$31,087$28,222$33,293
Plymouth, MA$34,199$32,813$29,789$35,143
Quincy, MA$35,898$34,443$31,269$36,888
Revere, MA$35,898$34,443$31,269$36,888
Salem, MA$35,856$34,403$31,232$36,845
Somerville, MA$35,898$34,443$31,269$36,888
Springfield, MA$33,236$31,889$28,950$34,153
Taunton, MA$34,413$33,018$29,975$35,362
Waltham, MA$35,898$34,443$31,269$36,888
Westfield, MA$33,236$31,889$28,950$34,153
Weymouth, MA$34,444$33,049$30,003$35,395
Worcester, MA$33,490$32,133$29,172$34,414

Source – as of October 30, 2019 (CNA, NA, CNA Nursing Home, CNA Hospice)

Average Salary of Similar Job Titles in MA

Different job titles are given to the nursing assistants according to their education level and their nursing experience. According to (as on December 2014), CNA Hospice earned the highest, i.e., $38,000 while Correctional Prison Facility CNA were paid the lowest, i.e., $18,000.

Featured Nursing Schools Near You

Job TitleSalary
CNA Medical South$29,000
Correctional Prison Facility CNA$18,000
CNA Sign UP Today$30,000
Acute Care CNA$19,000
Skilled Nursing Facility CNA$21,000
Medical Assistant Family Practice$35,000
CNA Sign UP$28,000
CNA Neurology Riverbend$32,000
CNA Hospice$38,000
CNA Float Pool Riverbend$32,000
CNA Submit Info Today$28,000
CNA Medical Surgical$33,000
CNA Rrmc$36,000
CNA CA State Prison$28,000

Information Source – (as of December 2014)

Other Benefits

The perks and benefits that a CNA receives, primarily, depend on the employer. Apart from the salary, various benefits are offered to the employees. Some of them include:

  • Memberships
  • Retirement plans
  • Paid holidays
  • Pension
  • Maternity leaves
  • Bonus
  • Sick leaves
  • Certain types of disability

Job Outlook

Looking at the increasing demand of nursing assistants, the job opportunities are also predicted to rise in the upcoming years, as per the data of Bureau of Labor Statistics. The job prospects of CNAs are expected to grow by 21%. Home health services and community rehabilitation services are supposed to provide the best job opportunities since the funding provided by the government will lead to lesser demand for the nursing assistants at nursing homes.


Question 1 – I’m planning to move from Lynn to Boston. Is there any change in the hourly salary of a CNA?

Answer – No, both the cities provide the same hourly salary i.e. $16.

Question 2 – Can anyone suggest me the highest paying job title and the salary offered to them?

Answer – In Massachusetts, CNA Hospice is the highest paid job title with an average salary of $38,000 as per the figures provided by