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CNA Salary In Alaska

The demand for certified nurses in the state of Alaska is high as compared to other states of USA. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Alaska stands first in the top paying states list for this occupation. In May 2013, the state employed 2,110 CNAs and employment per 1,000 jobs was 6.55. The mean annual and hourly wages of these nurses were $35,440 and $17.04 respectively. As per the reports of, the average salary of certified nurses in the state was $18,000 as of December 12, 2014. This figure was 26% lower than the average salary throughout the country.

Annual Nurse Assistant Pay in AK on Different Percentile Brackets

The table shown below gives detailed information about the wages of CNAs on different percentile brackets. The income of nursing assistants varies at different percentile levels.

Percentile BracketWages

Information Source – The Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of May 2013)

  • 90% of CNAs made less than $44,300 while 10% made more than $44,300.
  • 75% of certified nurse assistants earned less than $38,760; the remaining 25% earned more than $38,760.
  • 50% of the employees were salaried less than $35,120; the other 50% were salaried more than $35,120.
  • 25% were paid annual wages less than $31,610; 75% were paid more than $31,610.
  • 10% of employees were offered less than $27,620; 90% were offered more than $27,620.

Salary as per Geographical Location

The salary of CNA varies within the different cities of AK. The city that offered the maximum salary for this job is Juneau with median annual and monthly salary of $30,167 and $2,514 respectively. It even provided the highest median weekly salary. Sitka was the city with the lowest paying scale.

Name of the CityMedian Annual SalaryMedian Monthly SalaryMedian Weekly SalaryMedian Hourly Salary

Information Source – (as of December 2014)

Average Salary of Jobs with Related Titles

There is an extensive range of industries that you can work with in the state of Alaska. Your pay scale varies considerably depending upon your nursing work profile and experience. According to, in December 5, 2014, CNA Hospice in Alaska earned the highest income, i.e., $23,000. On the other hand, Correctional Prison Facility CNA in Alaska was among the lowest earners with salary of $11,000.

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CNA Float Pool Riverbend$19,000
CNA Medical South$18,000
CNA Rrmc$22,000
CNA CA State Prison$17,000
CNA Neurology Riverbend$19,000
CNA Sign UP Today$18,000
CNA Medical Surgical$20,000
CNA Hospice$23,000
CNA Submit Info Today$17,000
Acute Care CNA$12,000
CNA Sign UP$17,000
Correctional Prison Facility CNA$11,000
Skilled Nursing Facility CNA$12,000
Medical Assistant Family Practice$21,000

Information Source- (as of December, 2014)

Other Benefits

There are a wide number of monetary as well as non-monetary benefits that a CNA receives. The general benefits include:

  • Bonuses
  • Social Security
  • Disability
  • Healthcare
  • Pension
  • Time Off
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plans

Job Outlook

Due to the increasing demand of CNAs in Alaska, the need for care providers has exploded over the past several years. The state is counted among the top paying states since it employed 2,110 CNAs with an average Salary of $18,000 as per


Question 1 – What are the best paying nursing assistant jobs in the state?

Answer – As mentioned in the above table, CNA Hospice in Alaska (According to, in December 5, 2014) earned the highest income, i.e., $23,000.