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How to Provide Catheter Care to a Female Patient?

Some patients are not able to move, sit and stand; hence, they are not able to go to washroom for urinating. Certified nursing assistants provide special care to such patients with the help of a catheter. Catheter is a rubber / plastic tube that is placed into the bladder of the patient, in order to drain urine. One end of this tube is placed inside a bladder. It has a balloon-like structure and the other end is attached to the urine / drainage bag. It is the duty of a CNA to clean the drainage bag and catheter tube daily and make the patient feel comfortable.

Procedure to be Followed to Give Catheter Care to the Female Patients

    • Wash your hands properly with antiseptic soap and lukewarm water.
    • Greet the patient and make her understand the need and importance of catheter care.
    • Fill water in a basin and let the patient touch it and feel the temperature of water and confirm that it is suitable for her.
    • Adjust the bed’s level as per the comfort of the patient.
    • Wear gloves before beginning the process.
    • Spread the linen protector sheet below the perineal region of the patient. This will prevent the contaminated contents from falling off over the bed.
    • Roll the patient to one side of the bed and spread the sheet, then make her comfortable again.
    • Uncover the portion of the patient’s body near catheter, do not over expose her.
    • Apply soap on the wet washcloth and clean 4 inches of the tube from the closest region possible. Cleaning must be done in one direction, starting from meatus region and extending outwards. Use different clean washcloths for every stroke of cleaning.
  • You must clean the bed linen immediately if it gets dirty during this process.
  • Dispose of the linen protector sheet and bed linen.
  • Lower the patient’s clothes, and cover her with sheet and blanket properly.
  • Empty the wash basin, rinse and dry it properly.
  • Dispose of the things and equipments you utilize in the cleaning process.
  • Dispose of your gloves.
  • Rinse your hands properly with antiseptic soap and lukewarm water after the entire process is done.
  • Ensure that calling button is within the reach of the patient so that she may call if she requires any help.

What Does an Examiner Notice When You Perform this Skill?

  • If you wash your hands properly before beginning this activity.
  • Whether you allow the patient to test the temperature of water.
  • Whether enough space and privacy is given to the patient.
  • Do you spread the protection sheet before starting off with the procedure?
  • Do you hold the meatus properly while cleaning the catheter?
  • If you cleanse, rinse and dry at least 4 inch of the catheter tube.
  • For each stroke of cleaning and drying, whether you use separate washcloth.
  • If you dispose of all the cloths, linens, bed protector and gloves employed during the process.
  • Whether you by wash your hands properly with antiseptic soap and lukewarm water at the end of activity.