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Procedures for making an occupied bed

Sometimes due to severe weakness, patient is not able to move from his/her bed, so changing of old and used sheet becomes difficult. Sheets of patient’s bed must be removed periodically as they are infectious. As the patient is not capable of moving, you must complete your job with the help of another CNA.

Procedure to be Followed for Making an Occupied Bed

  • You must always wash your hands before coming close to the patient, in order to save yourself from the infection.
  • While you remove the old sheet from the bed, ensure that the patient is safe and does not fall off from the bed.
  • Make the patient lie on his sides properly and remove the tucked edges of the sheets from the opposite side of the bed and roll it towards the patient. (Rolled inside)
  • Now take a clean sheet and roll the edges towards the patient. When patient is still lying on his sideways.
  • Slowly make the patient turn towards his other side (towards the clean sheet).
  • Now hold the patient while in lying position and gradually remove the old sheet from below him/her and pull the new sheet below him. If someone is there to help you with this, then this process can be done quickly.
  • Pull the sheet and make it wrinkle free.
  • Make the patient rest over it and ensure that s/he is in a comfortable position.
  • Use a blanket and sheet to cover the patient.
  • Ask the patient if s/he is in a comfortable position. If not, make necessary adjustments to the sheet and blanket.
  • Take off your gloves and dispose them of properly.
  • Wash your hands properly with soap and lukewarm water after you finish the procedure.

What does an examiner see when you perform this skill?

  • If you wash your hands properly before starting this activity.
  • While removing the top linen, do you ensure that the patient is covered?
  • While you make the patient lie on his sideways, do you adjust the side rails up (if present in bed)?
  • Whether you put on gloves while changing the sheet.
  • If you rolled the dirty linen properly and keep it aside.
  • Do you unfold the clean linen properly and secure its corners neatly under the mattress?
  • Do you roll the patient securely on the other side of the bed towards the clean sheet?
  • If you change the pillowcase and place the pillow under the patient’s head.
  • Whether you cover the patient with blanket and sheet.
  • Whether you remove the gloves and dispose of them properly.
  • Wash your hands with antiseptic soap and lukewarm water and dry them.

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Expert’s Tips

  • Ensure that the things that you require for making the patient’s bed are within your reach.
  • While you roll patient sideways, ensure that the rails of the bed are up; otherwise, the patient may fall off the bed.
  • If the patient tries to help, allow him/her to do that, as this may make your task a lot simpler.