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How to carry out foot care on one foot?

Maintaining the cleanliness of the patient’s body is one of the major concerns for CNAs. As the foot remains open and exposed, it attracts dirt very easily. Therefore, proper care should be given to the area between the toes. Cleaning of foot makes the patient comfortable, safe and free from all fungal infections that might occur due to sweat or dirt.

Steps to be Taken to Provide Foot Care to the Patients

  • Wash your hands properly and explain the entire procedure to the patient calmly.
  • Block the outside view by pulling down the curtains.
  • Adjust the bed’s level according to the comfort of the patient.
  • Fill the basin with warm water. Allow the patient to touch and feel the temperature of the water.
  • Put the basin on the bed. Place a protective sheet below the patient so that the contents of the basin do not spill over the bed.
  • Take a washcloth and apply soap over it.
  • Clean the patient’s foot in between toes, front and back region.
  • After cleaning with washcloth, immerse the patient’s foot in the water basin.
  • After rinsing, take the foot out of water and dry from back, front and in between toes properly.
  • Take some lotion on your hands and rub it over back and front portions of the foot. Do not apply lotion in between toes.
  • Wipe off the additional lotion that has not been absorbed by the skin.
  • Take soft cotton socks and make the patient wear them.
  • Empty the water basin, rinse and dry it.
  • Dispose of or clean and dry all medical equipments used in this process.
  • Dispose of the dirty linens and gloves used in the process.
  • Adjust the raised bed and make the patient feel comfortable.
  • Remove the curtains and ensure that the calling button is within the reach of the patient.
  • Wash your hands properly with antiseptic soap and lukewarm water.

What things an examiner check when you carry out this skill?

  • If you wash your hands before beginning the procedure.
  • If the patient has been allowed to test the temperature of the water.
  • Whether the patient gets enough privacy.
  • Whether you clean all the surfaces of the patient’s foot.
  • Whether a plastic pad is placed over the bed, followed by a bath towel and then the wash basin.
  • Do you utilize protection pad while washing the patient’s legs?
  • If the patient’s foot is soaked in water for sufficient time.
  • Whether you clean the area between the toes.
  • If you apply lotion on the back and front portions of foot.
  • If the patients feel safe and comfortable during the entire procedure. If you maintain their rights.